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Product: Adrenal Gland 30C 1 oz spray 20% SALE
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Adrenal Gland 30C offers natural support for the adrenals. 20% off, regularly $19. Adrenal Gland offers natural support for the adrenals. The adrenal glands play a crucial role in the immune system, endocrine system functions and in various energy cycles in the body.
The adrenal glands are especially taxed during stress and illness that can increase recovery time from illness, pain and inflammation. Fatigue, stress and allergies often indicate overworked adrenal glands.
When under stress, the adrenal gland begins to manufacture hormones at an accelerated rate. The adrenal gland synthesizes epinephrine, norepinephrine, and corticosteroids, which travel to specific target organs designed to counter stress. The gland, however, cannot maintain this pace for extended periods of time without depleting its supply of nutrients and the cells becoming tired.
John Tintera M.D. has said, “In more than 20 years of a busy practice (as an endocrinologist) with 1000’s of patients, I’ve yet to work with an allergic patient whose troubles weren’t basically due to poorly functioning adrenals.
And who wasn’t relieved when his adrenal glands were put in proper working order.”
Improve your adrenal gland for stress and recurring illnesses. Adrenal exhaustion is brought on by constant stress and being on the go. The adrenals start to lack the ability to rejuvenate. Adrenal exhaustion symptoms include:
excessive fatigue and exhaustion
wake up unrefreshed, even with normal hours of sleep
overwhelmed by or unable to cope with stressors
feeling rundown or overwhelmed
craving salty and sweet foods
a feeling of not being restored after a full night's sleep or having sleep disturbances
low stamina, slow to recover from exercise.

Organ therapy / Organotherapy / Sarcodes - refer to homeopathic potency of organs or glands to support and regulate the organs and glands of the body. Organ therapy is effective in helping the body function in a healthy balanced manner. The idea of organ therapy was promoted in the 1800's by Constantine Hering M.D. Homeopathy supports the function of the organ by improving absorption of enzymes and certain nucleic acids lacking in the organ.

Organotherapy, the use of Sarcodes works on the premise that:
1. A homeopathic gland acts upon its corresponding gland.
2. Medium potency 30C is the preferred potency because it balances, supports and regulates corresponding gland or organ function.
Ingredient is Adrenal Gland 6C Potency in a food grade alcohol base. 1 oz bottle with 200 sprays.

3 sprays taken at one time as one dose. Take one dose daily in the morning. Can use this gentle regular dosing long term or as needed. Evaluate monthly for continued dosing.

$15.00 Buy Adrenal Gland 30C 1 oz spray 20% SALE