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Product: DMSO Rose Cream 2 oz jar
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Use DMSO Rose Cream for healthier skin. DMSO Rose Cream is soothing for itchy blotches and scaly patches. DMSO Rose Cream smooths away skin tags, wens, and rough patches for smoother skin. Use DMSO Rose Cream for irritated areas even on sensitive facial skin.
DMSO is well known for helping with painful joints. Use DMSO Rose Cream at night to wake up pain free.
DMSO Rose Cream absorbs easily on the skin. DMSO Rose Cream is the best way to use DMSO. Liquids have an odd smell unique to DMSO that this cream does not have. Liquids are messy. Liquids are irritating to the skin. DMSO Rose Cream has a pleasant fragrance and is non-irritating.
DMSO is a natural solvent so well indicated for external skin growths, bumps and marks. You'll wonder how you did without DMSO Rose Cream. Kathryn Jones Health Counselor uses this cream. Try on irritated skin, skin tags, wens, rough patches for smoother skin.
DMSO is used for sprains, muscles soreness, and arthritis. DMSO is a natural healing substance from trees to strengthen cells and tissues. Dr. Whitaker chooses DMSO as a top pain reliever. Used for years by athletes to help them with painful muscles and joints, and treating damaged cells. DMSO maybe particularly effective where there is inflammation, soreness, injury to knees, ankles, joints.
99.99% pure DMSO.
DMSO 2 oz convenient jar, a little dab goes a long way. 70% DMSO in 30% lanolin with rose oil.
FDA authorizes DMSO for use as a solvent. This rose scented cream is gentle enough for sensitive skin and does not have the smell or skin irritation generally associated with DMSO.
  $17.99 Buy DMSO Rose Cream 2 oz jar

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