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Product: Macula Degeneration economy 1 oz pellets 15% off SALE
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Macula support pellets for Macular Degeneration. Macula pellets offer homeopathic natural remedies to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal the macula. Retail $24, on 15% off, now $19.99.
Macula pellets include Cell Salt nutritional support. The macula is made up of light-sensing cells that provide sharp, central vision. When the macula is damaged, the center field of view may appear blurry, distorted, or dark.
Macular degeneration is often age related and is a leading cause of vision loss among people 50 years and older. Other risk factors is smoking and family history of macular degeneration.
Macula pellets for macular degeneration contain:

Carboneum Sulphuratum 6X for help with macula, symptoms of dim sight, colors missing in sight, atrophy of the optic papillae, dilation of retinal veins, retinal congestion, vertigo, lightheadedness;

Cell Salts Calcarea Fluoride 10X, Calcarea Phos 10X, Kali Phos 10X, Natrum Mur 10X;

Suggested dose for Macula pellets: 3 pellets dissolved orally in the mouth as one dose. Repeat 3 times daily. Best results when taken regularly. After improvement is made, maintain one dose daily.
$19.99 Buy Macula Degeneration economy 1 oz pellets  15% off SALE