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Product: Floater Eye Support 1 oz pellets 15% off SALE
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Floater Eye Support pellets support eye function and symptoms of floaters. Homeopathic natural remedies to stimulate the body's natural ability to alleviate floaters. Retail $24, on 15% off, now $19.99.
Floater Eye Support pellets lessen the small obstruction in the visual field which may resemble black spots or dust particles. Floater Eye Support can help with floaters that apprear to float in the area in front of the eyes.
Floater Eye Support includes Cell Salt nutritional support. A large percentage of people experience floaters and although floater do not indicate a serious condition, they are troublesome. Homeopathic medicines have no known side effects and can be safely used with medication. Safe for all ages.
Floater Eye Support includes:

Nutritional Cell Salts Kali Phos 10X, Kali Sulphur 10X, Natrum Mur 10X, Silicea 10X;

Sepia 7X for symptoms of glare, black spots, flashes or streaks of light;

Phosphorus 12X for floaters, eye inflammation, eye pressure. Weak sight in morning, weak sight following reading. Burning pains, myopia, nearsightedness;

Physostigma 12X for floaters, blurry sight, hazy sight. Physostigma 12X is also listed for help with symptoms of weak sight from elevated eye pressure, inflammation, swelling of eyes, dilated pupils.

Suggested dose: 3 pellets dissolved orally in the mouth as one dose. Repeat 3 times daily. Best results when taken regularly. After improvement is made, maintain one dose daily.
$19.99 Buy Floater Eye Support 1 oz pellets 15% off SALE