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Product: Cataract Eye Drops
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Cataracts Eye DROPS. Cataracts Eye Drops with Cineraria Maritima. Cineraria Maritima is a remedy listed in Materia Medica for cataract and corneal opacities. Cataract symptoms can include sharp, flashing eye pain.  

Use Cataract Eye Drops to alleviate discomfort. 
Cataract Eye Drops with Cineraria can help relieve eye irritation due to fatigue, allergies, smoke and other air pollutants. Cataract Eye Drops are soothing to dry eyes, that "sand in the eye" sensation. 

Cataract Eye Drops are listed for concerns with glare; halos; presbyopia/eye strain/fatigue; blurry vision.

Cataract Eye Drops contain Cineraria Maritima 6X; Euphrasia 6X the "eyebright" remedy; Causticum 8X the for dry eyes with inclination to rub eyes; Silicea 13X for spotted vision, opacities, keratitis; Calcarea Phosphoricum 12X for blurry vision, eye pain following reading; Sepia 8X for symptoms of glare, black spots, flashes or streaks of light; Calcarea Fluoricum 11X for cataract, corneal opacities. 

Call to speak with Kathryn Jones homeopathic specialist with any questions 1-509-766-0182. 10 ml / .33 fl oz bottle. 

Suggested dose is 1 drop in each eye 3 times daily.  Regular use may be continued at 1-3 times daily for health eye tissue.

Please PRIME the Bottle

1.      Turn the bottle upside down and squeeze ONE drop onto your finger. Stop squeezing the bottle and let it return to original shape.

2.      Repeat with another drop onto your finger. Allow bottle to return to its original shape.

3.      Now the bottle can be used to administer the eye drop into your eyes. 

$18.99 Buy Cataract Eye Drops