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NOSODE listing of in-stock remedies
The use of substances to repel imbalances out of the body. Use of highly diluted and potenized substances that remove blockages out of the system. This allows the body then to rebalance.

SHIPPING CHARGES: Flat $7.75 per order/per address for homeopathic remedies. All orders ship U.S. Priority Mail 3-5 day delivery.

Bacterium Coli / E Coli 200C 400 pellets
Bowel Nosodes in Bowel Combo 30C
Brain 30C
Botulinum 30C
Carcinosinum 200C
Chickenpox / Varicella 30C 400 pellets
Dengue Fever 30C 400 pellets
Diptherinum 200C 400 pellets
E Coli / Bacterium Coli 200C 400 pellets
Epstein Barr Virus / EBV 30C 400 pellets

Herpes Simplex Types I & II Combo 30C or 200C
Herpes Zoster 30C 400 pellets
Influenzinum / Winter Tonic 800 pellets
Luesinum / Syphilinum 30C or 200C
Lyme Tick Bites Balance 400 pellets
Lyssinum / Lyssin / Rabies 30C or 200C 400 pellets


Medorrhinum 30C 400 pellets
Nosode X-Ray 30C 400 pellets
Nuclear Radiation Balance 800 pellets
Oxytocin 6C 400 pellets
Parotidinum / Mumps 30C 400 pellets
Pertussis 30C 400 pellets
Pertussis 200C 400 pellets
Pertussis in Upper Respiratory Balance 6C 800 pellets
Polio 200C 400 pellets
Pneumococcinum / Pneumococcus 30C 400 pellets
Pneumococcinum in Upper Respiratory Balance 6C 800 pellets
Psorinum 30C or Psorinum 200C
Psorinum in Hair and Skin Combo
Psorinum 6X 2 Fluid oz spray

Rabies / Lyssinum 30C or 200C 400 pellets

Staph and Strep Combo 30C 400 pellets
Staphylococcinum30C 400 pellets
Streptococcinum 30C 400 pellets
Syphilinum / Luesinum 30C or 200C

Tetanus 30C 400 pellets
Tuberculinum 200C and 1M

Vaccininum 30C 400 pellets
Vaccininum 200C 400 pellets
Varicella 30C 400 pellets
Winter Tonic/ Influenzinum 800 pellets
X-Ray 30C 400 pellets
Yellow Fever 30C 400 pellets