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Safety of Homeopathy
Homeopathy is known for being effective, for being useful for all ages, and for its wide range of
health applications. PLUS, the low cost of homeopathic remedies is easy on your pocketbook. This
newsletter includes remedies that will have you feeling better fast, plus sale prices to stretch your dollars.
We support our products with friendly service and online educational pages.
This supportive information will help you effectively use your homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy presents a long safe history of medicines. With over-the-counter 6X and 30X potencies, hundreds of illnesses, painful health conditions, first-aid and seasonal problems can be helped.
How can homeopathy offer such a safe path to recovery?
The key is homeopathy works WITH the body.
Conventional medicines oppose the body and use chemicals to force the body to respond.
All conventional medications have side effects and interactions because of this fact.

Homeopathic remedies serve as temporary tools to remove blocks to health.
Once the block is nudged out of the way, the body takes over to heal and balance. This means safety. This is natural medicine. This means real recovery and health.

Remember the 1997 FDA investigation of heart valve damage linked to the drug combination of Fen-Phen? Or the 2000 class action suit against Ritalin manufactures for fraud in the over-promotion of ADHD and Ritalin? Or the 2006 court case against Paxil for concealing the side effect of suicidal ideation and high risk of suicide?
Every year, new drug interaction books pour onto the market. Why? Because allopathic drug interactions and contradictions must be constantly updated.
Compare this with homeopaths and lay people referencing Boericke's Homeopathic Materia Medica. Boericke's classic is still popular and as accurate today as when it was printed, many years ago. That is because homeopathic remedies don't interact, cause side effects or have to be taken off the market.
More explanations on homeopathic Principles and Provings page.
Homeopathy can be taken at the same time as prescription medications. This means that you can use a
homeopathic remedy to offset a side effect of a prescription, or to offer additional relief of symptoms.
Homeopathy is a family medicine. Safe and reliable for all ages.
Homeopathy is the only medicine safe to have in a medicine cabinet with children around.
On occasion, I receive a phone call from a parent after their child gets into an entire bottle of a homeopathic remedy. Knowing the safety of homeopathy, they are calling for reassurance, rather than out of panic. Even with small children, no aggravation is experienced.

When we are suffering from serious ailments, dosing can be a concern.
My systematic approach can be found online, click Guide to Correct Dose.
This information is a great assessment tool and helps you maximize your remedy to speed recovery.