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Written by Kathryn Jones BA, DiHom, Health Counselor
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Newsletter 1 -Choosing a Remedy
Newsletter 2 -Homeopathic Principles -part 1, Provings
Newsletter 3 -Homeopathic Principles -part 2, Law of Similars
Newsletter 4 -Homeopathic Principles -part 3, Law of Minimum Dose
Newsletter 5 -Homeopathic Principles -part 4, Individualization
Newsletter 6 -Legality of Homeopathic Medicine
Newsletter 25 -Children's Remedies 7-14-00
Newsletter 7 -Weight Loss with Homeopathic Remedies
Newsletter 8 -Safety of Homeopathic Medicines
Newsletter 9 -Balancing the Body with Cell Salts, Homeopathic Nutritional Support
Newsletter 10 -Thinking Homeopathically, part 1
Newsletter 11 -Thinking Homeopathically, part 2
Newsletter 12 -Thinking Homeopathically, part 3
Newsletter 13 -Emotional Healing with Homeopathy
Newsletter 14 -Homeopathy for Our Pets- a personal pet story
Newsletter 15 -Pollutants, and Environmental Sensitivities
Newsletter 16 -Aconite, Keynote Sudden Illness or Fright
Newsletter 17 -Hypericum, Keynote Damaged Nerves
Newsletter 18 -Labeling Indication on Remedy Bottles
Newsletter 19 -Insect Bites and Stings
Newsletter 20 -Veratrum Album, Keynote Heat Exhaustion...
Newsletter 21 -Chronic Disease - Part 1
Newsletter 22 -Homeopathic Constitutions
Newsletter 23 -Remedies for Sinus, Colds, Coughs
Newsletter 24 -Homeopathic Benefits Over Allopathic
Newsletter 25 -Children's Remedies 7-14-00
Newsletter 26 -Aging Gracefully 10-04

Choosing a Remedy
With over 2000 homeopathic remedies to choose from you can see that choosing a remedy is not easy.
Materia Medicas have the information about remedies taken from provings, or test on humans to see what the symptoms indicated for a particular remedy

Some Materia Medicas are over 4000 pages long. Every Materia Medica is different is what remedies are chosen to be written on and how much detail is given. Some Medicas will give general information. Some will give information on the type of person that the remedy is especially effective.

Repertories index symptoms. When choosing a remedy, a good homeopath will ask many questions and include many symptoms that make up the individual's constitution.
Each symptom, characteristic, and modality are looked up to see possible remedies. Cross referencing all these symptoms and remedies is time consuming.

Each homeopath has their own combination of art and science, books, and computer aids, that serve as tools.

Your health professional/homeopath has had training and experience to match symptoms, remedy, to you, the individual.

For the self-help person, the task of finding a remedy for a loved one can be achieved for first aid treatment, seasonal or acute illnesses.
Beginner level homeopathic books cover 1 to 3 dozen proven remedies for family first aid treatment. With some regular studying, a person can begin to see patterns in illnesses and match the correct remedy for the symptoms.

In time family members will begin to describe their complaints in more homeopathic type detail and help you in referencing your books to choose the correct remedy.

Beginner homeopathic books simplify their materia medicas and repertories.

Some books to look at for excellent beginner level and family self help are
Homeopathic Self-Care
Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathic Medicine at Home
I recommend that you purchase Standard's Homeopathic Household Kit
This kit has 29 of the most used family remedies.The kit comes in a handy container well marked and will a booklet describing each remedy.

Each of the books highlighted above also cover these 29 remedies and any one will serve as an excellent companion book to the kit.
Reading homeopathic books are enjoyable and well worth the health benefits to your family. And your homeopathic kit will be opened again and again to make life more pleasant. Best Wishes, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor DIHom
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Homeopathic Principles -Part 1; Provings
Homeopathy offers unique differences with allopathic medicine as well natural health alternatives. These differences are based on Homeopathic principles.

Often I am asked how does this Homeopathic remedy work for my ailment? Homeopathic remedies have actual human testings or Provings backing their action.

Allopathic medicines are often tested only on animals. The testings for cosmetics on animals can be to such detriment to the animals, we see products promising their ingredients have not been tested on animals. Many of the drugs and other over-the-counter medicines used daily by people have no actual proof of effectiveness. We also see drugs taken off the market when, as they are used by people, they are found to be dangerous (we've seen this lately with the heart damage done to Phen-Fen patients).

By contrast, each Homeopathic remedy has had documented Provings done on humans. Healthy humans agree to take a substance and have their symptoms recorded. This shows also the safety of Homeopathy, when even test subjects suffer no ill effects after the testing is over.

In 1790, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, took several doses of Cinchona, which was used to treat Malaria. Symptoms of trembling and cold limbs, heart palpitations, etc. were noted. The symptoms returned with each subsequent dose. Hahnemann recorded that Cinchona Bark was effective against Malaria, because it can produce similar symptoms in healthy people.

This led to testing additional drugs, not previously known to be effective, to find their potential use as remedies. Between 1811 and 1821, Hahnmann carried out provings of many Homeopathic medicines and published the results.

Today new substances go through this process of Proving and added to Homeopathic remedies available.

Hippocrates wrote, "By similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like it is cured".

People are most often familiar with medicines that suppress symptoms; that actually harm cells in the body; and have other definite negative chemical or physical reaction on the body.

Homeopathy seeks to repel the imbalance from the body and allow the body to heal and rebalance.
Homeopathy stimulates the body's natural curative powers.
Homeopaths therefore choose a remedy based on Provings and the Homeopathic Law of Similars (and not a chemical or suppressive action).

Medica Page for our on-line Materia Medica. 29 remedies are set out in a condensed Provings format.

There are many Materia Medicas (some a 1000 page each) used by Homeopaths today.
The remedy name is followed by Proving symptoms. The categories are similar in each, starting with mind symptoms, head, face, and down to the various system in the body, the extremities, etc.

When wanting to look up a particular symptom and the possible remedies that have shown that symptom under provings, homeopaths look in Repertories. Repertory Page for our on-line repertory of 47 remedies

. The descriptive way to write the symptoms are called "Rubrics". These Rubrics are also listed in same similar order in repertories.

Studying Homeopathy and Homeopathic Remedies in a life long pursuit for Homeopaths.
With a current interest in natural, no side effect healing many new Homeopathic books are on the market.
These books offer in layman's terms the information from Materia Medicas and Repertories. These books also give general health care information.
All homeopathic books help in understanding homeopathic principles.

This is an important step in using Homeopathy for your family.
Books Our Book Category includes books from $6 to $30 that are easy to understand and use.
Surprisely, homeopathic books are enjoyabe reading and hard to put down.

Email or call if you would like help choosing a book specific for your needs. Best Wishes, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor Homeopathy for Health
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Homeopathic Principles -Part 2; Law of Similars
Part 1 was concerning Homeopathic Provings. This newsletter continues in how Homeopathic Principles are used by you & I.

Provings are documented human tests of substances.They indicate symptoms that remedies can then treat in ill individuals.
Remember that Homeopathy differs from other therapies in its effectiveness and safety for all ages.

Homeopaths refer to books called Materia Medicas to match a patients symptoms to the Homeopathic Provings. (Future newsletters will continue with Homeopathic Principles-treating individually and holistically; and minimum dose and potency.)

Materia Medicas can be complex to use, since they indicate such a wide variety of symptoms that a particular remedy can treat.
People do not fit into neat packages of symptoms that match book descriptions. (It would be a lot easier if they did!) Sorting out descriptions and sensing nuances to choose one remedy over another is a developed skill. You pay your Health Professional/Homeopath for that expertise like any other professional.

Basically, we seek a remedy that produces like symptoms. Homeopathic Principle- The Law of Similars.

17th Century, Dr. George Stahl wrote, "To treat with opposite acting remedies is the reverse of what ought to be. I am convinced that disease will yield to and be cured by remedies that produce similar affections".

Samuel Hahnemann and Homeopaths that have followed seek to rebalance the body's systems based on Provings and the Law of Similars.

If I choose, for example, the remedy Chamomilla for a client, it is not based on a known chemical reaction, but on the Law of Similars - Provings Law of the Minimum Dose - Potentization Law of Individualization - Holistic Healing Materia Medicas listing Chamomilla are from 1 page to 7 pages long. From that long list of symptoms and descriptions, a keynote symptom is picked out to conform to FDA rule -that a keynote symptom be on the label. If you picked up a bottle of Chamomilla, it would be labeled "teething". More than once, I have had customers think perhaps my hearing is bad when handed "teething" another problem e.g. for their severe mentruation; or their tinnitis. Considering that during Provings most remedies affect various body systems, having only 1 symptom on the bottle is very narrow minded.
DON'T GET HUNG UP ON THE LABELING ON THE BOTTLE OR ONLY ONE SOURCE OF INFORMATION ON A REMEDY IF THEY DON'T MATCH! Law of Similars involves the whole person, their temperament, responses, weaknesses,etc.

Homeopathy is not about suppressing a symptom, but stimulating the body's natural curative powers. The body heals!
When I do a Health Consultation for a client, I ask many questions of the client, and consult several books to get a holistic view of which remedy truely matches the individual based on the Law of Similars.
This is a lengthy procedure, but gives the best results.
Remember your Homeopathic Thinking from past newsletters.
Include details when emailing questions or filling out the questionnaires.
The information is crucial in matching remedy to your symptoms.
Homeopathy for Health offers education in Homeopathy in layman's terms. To help clarify and simplify the maze of homeopathic terms & remedies.
We are continually adding online information to help you choose the best health care for you and your loved ones. I can help you in choosing safe, natural rebalancing homeopathic products. Homeopathy works! Best Wishes, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor DIHom
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Home Page Homeopathy for Health Home Page and Online Search for your health concerns
Medica A short online Materia Medica
Products Remedies and products are listed in 23 HEALTH CATEGORIES with full descriptions and pictures. Categories include BOOKS; CHILDREN; Homeopathic KITS so you can have on hand Homeopathic Remedies. YOU will be able to treat quickly family ailments.
The Kid's Kit and Family Kits include their own booklets so you can learn according to the Law of Similars which remedy to use in family first aid, seasonal problems and more!

Homeopathic Principles - Part 3; Law of Minimum Dose
Homeopathic Remedies are effective when choosen on the basis of the LAW OF SIMILARS
PROVINGS (covered in part 1 & 2 of this series)
LAW OF INDIVIDUALIZATION - Holistic Approach to Health Care

Law of the Minimum Dose is using the smallest dose to effect the cure.
This is quite a turnaround in a world where allopathic medicine's aim is to destroy unhealthy tissue or suppress symptoms;
where we take 500mg to 5000 mg of a vitamin, mineral, or supplement;
where we self medicate with harmful substances, drugs, stimulates, etc.

The Magic of the Minimum Dose Enables the Body to Heal in the Most Efficient and Least Harmful Way.

The first step in preparing Homeopathic Remedies is dilution. A common "Prime Potency" is 6X (potency is indicated on the bottle of a remedy).
6X is 1 part raw product-Mother Tincture- in 1,000,000 parts alcohol/water. Minerals or Cell Salts at this potency can help balance deficiencies in mineral uptake in the body.
In potencies 30X and above, none of the original molecules of the Mother Tincture remains.

When working with poisonous plants such as Rhus Tox (Poison Ivy) or substances people show sensitivity to (such as Golden Rod, Sulphur), the fact that not a whole molecule remains can be useful to show the safety of Homeopathics.

The 2nd step in Remedy preparation is Potentization. Potency refers to the strength of a remedy. After dilution, the remedy goes through a process of succussion.
Curative properties are enhanced in this stage. It is in the use of potentized and minimum doses that sets Homeopathy apart.

We can see the Law of Similars in other modalities:
using reverse psychology on your child;
holding tight to an injury area that has just received a blow;
allopathic allergy and vaccinations (vaccines though forego Law of Minimum Dose and Potentization and Law of Individualization and use whole foreign protein molecules, live vaccines and injection direct into the blood and therefore are NOT homeopathic!);
natural remedies and therapies such as herbs.

Products in both crude form as herbal Mother Tincture and Homeopathic potentized form are effective.

Hence you might take St. John's Wort/Hypericum for the same problems, such as depression.
You might take Comfrey/Symphytum herbally or homeopathically topically for wounds.
Eyebright/Euphrasia for tired, sensitive, burning eyes.
Homeopathics prepared from botanicals/herbs, minerals, glands are often for the same indications as their raw counterparts.

Potentization Enhances These Healing Properties and Negates the Properties That In Large Doses Can Cause Problems.
For instance, using herbal Chamomille can in large quantities over a period of time counteract its calming attributes.
Using large amounts of certain vitamins and herbs can be taxing on the liver.
100,000 people die annually from Properly prescribed medications.
Homeopathy offers a safe and effective alternative!

Another interesting aspect of Homeopathy-
Homeopathics can balance both excess and deficiencies.
Homeopathic Glandulars, such as Thyroid Support, work to balance and support your thyroid gland.
Have a Healthy Day, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor DIHom
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Homeopathic Principles -Part 4; Individualization

Homeopathic Legality
I have been receiving some basic questions on homeopathy. Perhaps because to many people Homeopathy is thought of as still on the fringe of alternative medicine.
But, actually homeopathy is on equal par with allopathic, conventional medicine in England, France, Germany, and India among other countries.
In the U.S., homeopathy has been practiced for 170 years and boasted 100 homeopathic hospitals at one time. Homeopathy also is far from unscientific.

The same principles and steps used by Samuel Hahnemann (born in Germany 1755) hold true today.

New studies verify that homeopathics do indeed carry a vibration with them.

I like to use the following illustration: Just as a north pole magnet repels another north pole magnet; a like homeopathic medicine will repel a like vibrational illness in the body. Once the imbalance is thrown out, the body can heal itself.

In the U.S. over 1000 M.D.'s and N.D.'s specialize in homeopathy. Another 1000 health professionals utilize homeopathy in their practice.

Homeopathics are legal throghout the world and the U.S.
The FDA, since 1938, has regulated the manufacture of homopathics according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the U.S..
Homeopathic single remedies and combination remedies can be sold legally over the counter.
Legally We Can Tell You Indications and Benefits of Our Homeopathic Remedies.

In Good Health, Kathryn Jones -Health Counselor
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Homeopathy for Safe Weight Loss
Welcome to Homeopathy for Health's Newsletter. Homeopathic medicines present a long safe history.

Compare this with the FDA investigating 49 cases of people with heart valve damage linked to the drug combination of Fen-Phen over just a 12 month period in 1997.

Doctors can prescribe medicines the way they wish, but the FDA has never approved taking these two allopathic diet drugs together.

Interactions? We know that homeopathic remedies are safe to take with other homeopathics, supplements, and prescription drugs.

In this day and age more and more people want to lose weight.
We read also are reading more on the dangers of stimulants and diet aids.

Homeopathics are a perfect solution. Consider these remedies:
Fucus-for obesity, thyroid support.
Calcarea Carb-for a sluggish metabolism, excess hunger.
Natrum Sulpher-support for metabolizing fat.
Graphites-for the stout built person with a large appetite.

Also available is a combination formula of the homeopathics mentioned above
Advanced Appetite Suppressant
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Safety of Homeopathy
Homeopathic medicines present a long safe history.
Compare this with the FDA investigating 49 cases of people with heart valve damage linked to the drug combination of Fen-Phen.
Although doctors can prescribe medicines the way they wish, the FDA has never approved taking these two allopathic diet drugs together. Every year, brand-new drug interaction books pour into the market. Why? Because allopathic drug interactions and contradictions must be constantly updated.

Compare this with using our trusted 1927 Boericke Homeopathic Materia Medica, for example. We know that homeopathics and their characteristics stay constant over the years.
And interactions? We know that homeopathic remedies are safe to take with other homeopathics, supplements, and prescription drugs.
Homeopathy is safe and reliable medicine for the entire family. A correct remedy will act safely and enable the body to heal.
Incorrect remedies usually pass through the body without an effect.
Homeopathy is the only medicine I know is safe to have in a medicine cabinet with children around. More than once, I have had a phone call from a mother after their child had swallowed a bottle of some homeopathic remedy.
Knowing the safety of homeopathy, they are calling for reassurance rather than out of panic. I am always happy to be able to let them know they will be no long term ill effects. Usually with small health children, no aggravation is even noticed. I have yet to get a call back after the initial call to tell me of any problems.
What a difference between those calls and a desperate call to the poison center after a chil geets into prescription drugs or even over the counter medications, such as aspirin. Best wishes, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor
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Balancing the Body with Cell Salts, Homeopathic Nutritional Support
Welcome to Homeopathy for Health's Newsletter!
Question? What remedy can be used by inexperienced self-prescribers without worry?
What remedy can the chronically ill use without worry of aggravation?
What remedy can be used on a daily basis for strengthening the body?
There are 12 basic mineral salts/tissue salts/cell salts in our bodies.
Minerals not measured in 500 mg or more, but homeopathic so they can be easily taken up by the cells for restoring and maintaining health.

A good comparision to the Law of Similars is magnetic principles. I like to use the following illustration: Just as a north pole magnet repels another north pole magnet; a like homeopathic medicine will repel a like vibrational illness in the body. Once the imbalance is thrown out, the body can heal itself. New studies verify that homeopathics do indeed carry a vibration with them. In magnetism a like pole repels a like pole. But a weak like pole can also be regenerated by a like pole. Likewise, cell salts help to strengthen their like fields in our bodies. To encourage this regeneration, cell salts are taken at low potencies.

Minerals/Cell Salts Health category for information on Cell Salts.
This newsletter will further highlight one of the Cell Salts- Magnesia Phoshorica.
Abbreviated to Mag Phos, or Mg Ph, this cell salt is found inside the cells of muscles, nerves, bones, the brain and spine.
Deficiency effects muscle fibers and nerve endings. This show the wisdon of using Mg Ph for muscle spasms in the back, and menstrual and leg cramps.

Consider Mg Ph when there has been nerve injury or damage. Injury recovery will benefit from Mg Ph.
Mg Ph is indicated when nerve pain is shooting, darting, or spasmodic. Couple this with Mg Ph's presence in the brain and you'll see Mg Ph's importance in neuralgias and headaches.

Remember Mg Ph keyword spasmodic, when treating spasmodic coughs (even hiccups!).
Study of Cell Salts will soon make you a believer of their importance.
Cell Salts restore and rebuild, not cover-up problems.
In Mutual Good Health, Kathryn
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Homeopathic Thinking -Part 1
This is part 1 in a series of newsletters on Homeopathic Thinking. Homeopathic Thinking is a term I'll be using next few newsletters to give insight on
1) Becoming in tune with the body's signals;
2) Seeing the connection between physical ailments and emotional states;
3) Finding initial cause and stressors relating to physical or emotional ailments.

Benefits to Homeopathic Thinking are:
1) Seeking a rebalancing remedy early on rather than ignoring your body's signals for months or years;
2) Encouraging loved ones to complain sooner and enable you to treat 1st Aid and seasonal desorders with your Household Kit before illness settles into the system. Parents would certainly appreciate avoiding the middle of the night crisis.
For a selection of Homeopathic Household Kits
3) Providing your Homeopath or Health Professional with clear detailed symptoms so a correct remedy, Similinum, can be found.

Here is an excellent Homeopathic Thinking technique to use if you have a chronic condition. Start by allowing yourself several days to just mull over in your mind your dis-ease. Allow your mind to go back to the first indications of the problem. The initial stressor prior to any complications or treatment.
Examples are, (simplifying the entire process for sake of space & part 1 of our series), treating an arthritis case with Rhus Tox with the initial cause being an injury.
Treating a panic attack case with Staphasagria with the initial cause being an emotionally traumatic episode.

The beauty of Homeopathy is that Homeopathy can be used to treat simple indigestion from holiday overeating, to unraveling the complexity of years of chronic pain and disease. When we can step aside and view more detached, obsure causes can all of a sudden become obvious and give us further guidance in choosing the correct Homeopathic remedy for our health complaints. Best wishes trying out your Homeopathic Thinking hat,
Kathryn Jones Health Counselor
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Homeopathic Thinking -Part 2
How are the New Year Resolutions going?
Resolutions are to help us be more aware of our actions so we can change.
Likewise, Homeopathic Thinking makes us more aware of our bodies.
First we become more intune to the various unique ways our bodies signal imbalance.
Then we can seek to rebalance more effectively. Homeopathic Thinking tunes us into our system.

Many people have spent years in our hectic pace of life purposely tuning out the body's signals. They have neither the time for discomfort, nor time for caring for themselves. The imbalance deepens and the personal connection with the body weakens with each pasing year.

Homeopathy treats each individual in their own unique "picture" of symptoms and signals. The more in tune we are to recognize our unique symptoms, the clearer the presenting picture is for homeopathic treatment.

Here is a technique to help you listen to your body's signals:
Start a Homeopathic Thinking Journal. Any size notebook is fine. Start your notations today and try to add something each day. At first your comment may be "I have headaches". Then as you become more aware of your body's unique signals, the comments may continue, "I have headaches preceded by lightheadedness", "headaches start on the right side", "they occur only in the afternoons", "lying down aggravates the headaches"....
You can keep a journal for your child. Notice things yourself as well as asking your child questions. Write down emotional as well as physical signals.
Thinking Homeopathically, will enable you to detail sensations, causes, what betters or worsens your complaints, etc. Also instead of tuning out body sensations, you will tune in and be able to provide additional information that can be crucial to finding the correct for your system.
Instead of blocking out the unusual symptoms, you will be able to tell your Homeopath.
One example, is pain. To say something hurts is too general and doesn't provide enough information for choosing a remedy.
Consider the amount of guiding information when pain is described with a
location on the body and if is on only one side, alternate, moves from one side to the other, which side...
description of sensations-tearing, stinging, tightness, etc.
modifiers or things that make your complaint worse or better. Called "modalities" and include
time of day
heat or cold application
clothing-prefering tight or loose
touch; light or heavy touch
motion; exercise
Part 3 will continue on with the connection betweeen emotional and physical symptoms.
Best Wishes, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor
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Homeopathic Thinking -Part 3
Part 3 is on the connection between physical ailments and emotional states.

Have you been putting on your Homeopathic Thinking hat? Have you started a Homeopathic journal to record physical and emotional symptoms?

Have you been starting to think in Homeopathic terms?
Such as describing in more detail mental and physical symptoms;
noticing the modifiers- what alleviates and what aggravates symptoms;
times of day or weather that is better or worse, etc.

Homeopathy provides healing for the entire body and mind. This holistic view sees each of us as a unique being with a personal set of reactions to situations.
This brings into Homeopathic Thinking a new set of modifiers. This is thinking on what factors bring on emotional or physical reactions that bring our body out of balance.
This is important for Homeopathy to work as a deep cure balancing body & mind.

Blessed is the optimist who snaps back from set backs, lets verbal slurs slide off and stays on an even keel.
Too often though life is more demanding of us, or our loved ones, than our resources allow. We don't get a chance to nuture ourselves, to allow our autonomous balancing mechanisms to work.
Enters STRESS.
Put those Homeopathic Thinking Hats on again.
What happens when you get stressed?
Keep a stiff upper lip; feel anxiety; get angry (at yourself, or at others); ignore it (what's stress?); stuff feeling inside; feel all emotions on edge; feel close to tears; feel misunderstood (especially if you don't get sympathy; unpredictable mood; changing moods; stay irritable; need to be alone?

Stress causes 1st emotional imbalance. If left unbalanced, the emotional layer deepens into the physical layer.

What follows next then are signs of physical distress- muscle spasms, headaches, quick to fall ill, aggravation of current physical ailments and also worsening of emotional weakness into panic attacks, depression, etc.

Many healing methods do not treat holistically and do not treat imbalances until disease is obvious.
Homeopathy can help prevent many serious problems with quick rebalancing of our system.
Examples of 1st Aid Homeopathic treatment for mental stress:
Helleborus for homesick prone children prior to Summer camp,
Calms Forte (combination product) prior to bed after an especially hectic day,
Arnica prior to dental appointments.
Ignatia is wonderful for the worrier, fearing the worst, prior to a visit to their doctor.
We think of Magnesium Phoshate for muscle spasms.
The back feels tied in a knot. Stress aggravates the neck ache, backache, headaches.
But even prior to stressful situations, Mg Ph will be helpful to the type person who is high strung emotionally. Emotions are in a knot, tensed up (watch out when their emotions let loose).
Our Products Page
Our Categories on STRESS and DEPRESSION have remedy descriptions for insights into rebalancing the body and the mind.
To Your Good Health, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor DiHom
Homeopathy and Emotional Healing
Experts in various health fields believe disease and physical illness are not the first signs we get of our bodies being out of balance.
Many self-help books are showing people the connection of body-mind-spirit in healing the body holistically.
I believe imbalances show up emotionally before they manifest physically. If this is true, then homeopathy is truely a medical breakthrough! For homeopathy can address the emotional factors alone; as well as treat the physical symptoms, while addressing the deeper emotional factors.
Remember the studies which showed that prior to trees becoming diseased, that changes are recorded around the tree. Now-a-days, even allopathic doctors admit to stress caused diseases. But it is homeopathy that actually has the tools to treat the stress and prevent more serious physical ailments.

I recently helped a client who had many stesses in her life. Physical breakdown was in the beginning stages, but not at a point for allopathy to treat. She was though showing emotional symptoms that could be treated homeopathically. Her emotions were on edge, she was weeping throughout the day for no real reason(which was the reason she had come to see me). She found improvement day after day after taking Natrum Mur.

The book, "Emotional Healing with Homeopathy" tells a story of a seriously ill 9 year old with kidney problems.
Nearing death, a homeopath saw the boy and realized the boy was not wishing his parents to seperate and his illness seemed to keep the parents together.
After 4 days on Ignatia, the boy walked out of the hospital on the mend. Interestingly both Ignatia and the possible emotional causes of kidney problems indicate "dissappointment" as its focus.
In Good Health, Kathryn
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Homeopathy and Pets-a personal story
If we use homeopathy and natural healing methods for ourselves, why not for our pets? Caring for various pets through the years, I have appreciated having homeopathy on hand.
Our family cat in the Spring of 1995, got caught in a wood fence. We had to havethe fence literally cut away to extricate him. The vet wanted to cut off the cat's leg, but the children would have none of that!
Many months though went by without strength coming back into the leg, until we put the animal on homeopathy and changed his diet completely. I blend fresh turkey with raw carrots, or tuna with vegetables, and only once when I went back onto using canned pet food did I see the leg strength wane.

Pets will take homeopathic pellets, tablets or liquid so easily in their food. Homeopathy for Health now stocks books and products for farm animals and pets.

Books to consider :

New in our PET CATEGORY “Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide for Dogs & Cats”

Updated Edition. Excellent information to ensure optimal health for your animals. 
This book covers almost any health problem you might have with your cat or dog. 
Allergies, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, distemper, emotional, leukemia, 
lyme, skin problems, weight problems.
Section on using Homeopathy for first aid treatment. 
Excellent section on determining how often to repeat remedies. 

One customer emails, "Dear Kathryn, For the past several years, 
I have kept my three dogs and one cat in optimum health with 
three important resources: 
an excellent veterinarian, 
your homeopathy website, 
and a copy of Dr. Pitcairn's Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. 
The book gives useful guidelines to the constellation of symptoms in each ailment 
and the recommended homeopathic, herbal, and naturopathic treatments. 
And your website provides excellent service in recommending the best supplies 
to have on hand and for fast and efficient order fulfillment.

For example, our 7-year-old Australian Shepherd-Lab sometimes eats things she 
finds in the yard that aren't on the health-foods menu! 
A simple application of a homeopathic remedy selected from my 
collection of tissue salts from ELIXIRS.COM
has allowed her to feel better within an hour or two. 
It's truly gratifying to be able to see an improvement right away." 
K B, WA. 

Click onto our Pet and Animal Category! for our best books and products for pets.
To Our Healthy and Happy Pets, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor DiHom
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Homeopathy To Help With Pollutants
One reason people are turning to Homeopathy is the build up of toxins in our air, water, soils, indoor environments and in our own bodies. We do not want medicines that seek to suppress and allow further build up of toxins.
The increasing levels of pollution have caused more people to become sensitive. Consider this statistic-20 years ago, 20% of the World's children were suffering from allergies. Currently, 50% now suffer from allergic responses to their environment. Consider that your skin is your largest organ, absorbing toxic chemicals from anti-perspirants, hair and clothes dyes, makeup, clothes and bedsheets all day and night. Chemicals that include titanium, aluminum in our toiletries; formaldehyde and pesticides in our mattresses; drycleaning chemicals, fire retardants and a multitude of dyes, chemicals, and soap residues on our clothes. Add chemicals, dyes, and preservatives in our food.

Here's some ideas (while we work to eliminate pollution and our exposure) to keep our body systems strong in order to roll with the punches of pollutants: 1) Use homeopath for seasonal complaints. Remember if the complaint is viral, antibiotics will have no effect.
2) Use homeopathy constitutionally to keep your immune system strong.
3)Build up your body's resourses with homeopathic
Cell Salts
4)Use homeopathy prior and after exposure to allergens and pollutants to rebalance.
Allergy Category for a variety of products for rebalancing and eliminating toxins. An innovative new product called- Body Pure- treats symptoms of environmental sensitivity, such as, fatigue; mental unclarity or confusion; skin, eyes and throat irritation; headaches, etc.
Best Wishes,Kathryn
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Homeopathic Remedy -Aconite
One benefit of practicing your Homeopathic Thinking is in treating acute illnesses for yourself or your loved ones. Acute illnesses are illness that are not chronic. The illness may be severe, may be seasonal, or a temporary imbalance.
With Homeopathic Thinking we become in-tune with our body and the signals and symptoms the body send out as signs of imbalance.
Notice the first signals & symptoms and treat with homeopathics for quick and natural rebalancing. Homeopathic Cell Salts, constitutional remedy, combination products are important homeopathic products to bring the body back into harmony.
Keynote symptoms are distinctive characteristics used to distinquish between using one remedy instead of a different remedy. Each remedy has its own unique "picture". Matching this picture to the acute keynote symptoms can give us the correct remedy. An interesting way to determine, then study the "picture" of a remedy, is to learn the source of the remedy.
The book "Homeopathy for Common Ailments" is beautifully illustrated with plants that are the source of many remedies.
Aconitum Napellus, or Aconite, is Monkshood. This plant has been used in the past as a poison for dipping arrows. Aconite's poison acts very quickly on the systems of the body.

Treating with the homeopathic principle "similar with similar", Aconite is used in treating sudden symptoms. [Homeopathy is unique in turning poisonous and toxic substances into safe medicines. Vibrational medicine without side effects.]
An Aconite cold or headache won't creep up on you. Aconite's keynote is the child who's playing one minute and then very sick the next moment.
Aconite is a remedy to have on hand so you can give at the onset of sudden symptoms.
Other keynote symptoms:
suddenly red face, pales when rising;
sudden sneezing;
croupy coughing; restlessness and person appears anxious & frightened. Whether treating with Aconite for acute or chronic illness, look to a sudden cause. (Remember our Homeopathic Thinking technique of thinking back to the original stressor before the onset on a chronic condition.) Examples woule be a terrible fright or accident followed by the illness. Sudden emotional fright or fear. Subjected to a sudden drop of temperature or wind.

One person recovered from a chronic condition with Aconite. The original stress was caused by a childhood brush with death in a car accident. Have on hand as an emergency pregnancy remedy if the mother fears she are going to die.
With Aconite being one of the most used acute remedies, it is no wonder that Aconite is included in the all our Homeopathic Kits
In good Health, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor Homeopathy for Health
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Homeopathic Remedy -Hypericum

The last newsletter on cell salts and the focus on Magnesium Ph,
has brought more questions on nerve pain. This newsletter will
focus on a great companion remedy to Mg Ph-Hypericum. Hypericum
Perforatum is derived from the herb St. John's Wort. This herb
has been getting lots of attention lately, even on news shows for
its tremendous help as a nerve tonic. Hypericum aids with
anxiety, sadness and depression on the emotional level. Hypericum
acts on our nerve centers and the central nervous system. On the
physical level, hypericum is indicated for a variety of nerve
injuries, spinal nerve trauma and pain, sciatica, neuralgia,
neuritis, etc. Shingles would cetainly fall into this category.
If anyone has had experience using Hypericum for Shingles, please
Email me. Remember to keep Hypericum on hand to use as 1st Aid
treatment for crushed fingers, puncture wounds(to prevent
lockjaw!), dental work, etc. Remember Hypericum's keywords
-nervous system- and you won't underestimate its importance. 

Best Wishes, Kathryn
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Labeling on Remedies
This update is to clear up questions on product labeling.
To prevent misunderstanding if the product label-does not match the your illness or symptom.

FDA made a ruling a few years back that any over the counter Homeopathic product must have a indication on the bottle.
That is, the label includes specific symptoms.
This labeling is nice to have when purchasing homeopathic remedies without any guidance.
With some of the keynote symptoms on the bottle- help is right on the bottle. You can easily match your problems and symptoms up with the proper remedy.
But sometimes, this labeling is troublesome.
The label certainly can't list pages of indications, symptoms, and keynotes.
There just isn't space for more than one or two short phrases.
This can be disconcerting if you were told to take a remedy for a headache, but the remedy label indicates it is for diarrhea!

For example, I may give you Graphites for facial scars
for a headache;
for depression
as a constitutional
but the remedy's label will ALWAYS say for cracked skin.
Is Graphites then only for one indication? Does that mean in homeopathy that each remedy is for only one thing?
No! Each remedy has numerous possibilities to match to symptoms and a particular person.
Please reference your materia medicas and other homeopathic books and ask your health professional if you have any questions about a particular remedy and its labeling.
Higher potencies, and homeopathics sold in Europe, list usually only the remedy's name.
Thank you, Kathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor

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Insect Bites and Stings
Summer is here and with Summer comes the battle with insects, bugs, spiders, ....
Homeopathy serves as one of our best first aid treatments. I always have a few emergency homeopathic remedies in the car. On several occasions, the Homeopathic remedies have saved the day.

One experience occured a few hours drive from our home at beautiful Summer Falls. One of our friends became very worried after she was bitten by a mosquito, because she always swells up quickly with problems breathing and welts that last for days.
I had Apis Mel in tablet and ointment form and gave both to her. She is still amazed to this day how she suffered no ill effects. She keeps Apis Mel on hand in her own 1st Aid Kit now.

Apis Mel is made from Honey Bees, so is a clear simillimum for stinging pains, bee stings, swelling.
1.5 million people experience severe allergic reactions to the venon from bees, wasps, hornets in the USA.

burning, stinging pains, swelling, hard welts, worse from heat application.
LEDUM is another important stinging insect remedy. Ledum is our top puncture wound remedy. Mosquito bites and insect stings are puncture wounds.
Stings and bites inject poisons into the body. Ledum can help prevent sepsis in puncture wounds from accidents. Ledum can be used also to prevent the reaction of swelling and itching from germs and poisons injected with insect saliva.

Homeopathic remedies are used at times as a prophylactic, or a preventative treatment. Ledum can be indicated for use prior to exposure for people who have severe reactions to mosquito bites.

As a additional example of Homeopathy as a preventative for Summer problems is the use of Chlorinum for people with severe reactions to chlorine in our chlorinated pools.
A newsgroup member who loves the city's Aquatic Center, but hates the after effects of difficult breathing, wheezing, hayfever & allergy symptoms has found relief by taking, prior to exposure, Chlorinum.

Urtica Urens ointment is soothing and healing to irritated, itchy, rough skin. Made from Stinging Nettle, Urtica is helpful with the itching, burning sensations of bee, wasp and hornet stings.
Urtica ointment also is a natural balm for diaper rash, dry skin patches, cracked lips.

The PH is different with different insect stings. Home remedy for bee sting is a slice of onion or a baking soda poultice.
Use vinegar or lemon juice to neutralize hornet stings. My son used Apis and Vinegar successfully just a day ago on a hornet sting. (If you don't know the type of sting and use baking soda unsuccessfully, then switch to vinegar-apple or white vinegar.)
Rinse your children's hair out with apple cider vinegar to prevent bug bites (and have cleaner scalp and hair). Avoid bright colored clothing on children when out where hornets may be nesting.

Apis Mel (Honey Bee)
Rapid swelling, itching from bee, wasp, hornet, mosquito, rosy red hives from allergy from food, bites, stings, swollen eyelids, watery eyes, sensitive to touch, better with cold application.

Arnica (Herb)
Shock from traumatic stingings.

Belladonna (Belladonna- Nightshade Plant)
Horsefly bites,knifelike pain (Nightshade plant) deep red coloring, swelling feels hot to the touch.

Lachesis (Bushmaster Snake)
Blue-purple blotches-swelling numbness, wants clothing loosened and warmth applied, sensitive to motion, touch.

Ledum (Marsh Tea Herb)
Wasp,hornet,spider,mosquito Worse at night and with heat, better with cold application even though area feels cool.

Urtica Urens (Stinging Nettle)
Topical use for bites-stings, hives from allergic reaction, sunburn, windburn, irritated itchy skin.

Topical Ointments
Have a safe and fun Summer, Kathryn Jones Health Counselor
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Veratrum Album, Keynote Symptom-Health Exhaustion
Here in Washington State we have had over 10 days of
100 degree weather. Newspapers are giving warnings of
the dangers of heat exhaustion, especially for those
who work outdoors, and those without air conditioning

To prevent heat exhaustion, keeping proper mineral 
balance is essential! Always take water and Bioplasma
before and after physical exertion.
Bioplasma can keep cellular levels of sodium and 
potassium to prevent fatigue, muscle cramping, 
lightheadedness, disorientation.
Bioplasma contains the 12 basic minerals used within
the cells. These mineral salts, called Cell Salts, 
can be used for illness, disease, general health
and prevention.

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion:
cool, clammy skin
excessive perspiration
dilated pupils
rapid pulse
headache, may be with nausea and weakness
nausea with vomiting
abdominal cramps, muscle cramping

Sunstroke or Heatstroke can lead to convulsions, 
collapse, coma. This is life threatening because
the body's heat regulating system is no longer 
functioning! The person needs help to bring their
temperature down. Emergency proceedure includes
removing outer clothing, ice packs to cool the body;
place the person in car with the air conditioner 
facing them while seeking the emergency center.

Symptoms of Sunstroke/ Heatstroke:
body temperature above 102 degree
flushed, dry, hot skin
constricted pupils
rapid pulse

Prevention is a must. Use hats, seek shade, always
carry a water bottle, have sports drinks and 
Bioplasma handy, use portable fans and 
indoor air conditioning.

Veratrum Album is a first aid remedy that should come
to mind with sudden shock and collaspe, including
heat exhaustion, sunstroke/ heatstroke.

Indications for Veratrum Album:
cold perspiration on the forehead
naseau with vomiting
abdominal cramps, muscle cramping with exhaustion 
disorientation, stupor
feeble respiration
rapid weak pulse
face pale
headache, may be with nausea, vomiting
shortness of breath
head burning hot and covered in sweat
severe weakness, can't stand or hold head up

Other remedies for Sunstroke/ Heatstroke:
Belladonna - face very red, hot, without perspiration
Glonine - head feels like it's going to burst
Bryonia - severe headache from sun
Cuprum Met - severe cramping of muscles

Information on Bioplasma

Health Category on Minerals/ Cell Salts

10 question quiz on Veratrum Album

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ACUTE Disease or Illnesses are of a temporary nature.
Symptoms come on suddenly and resolve rather quickly.
Use our REPERTORY at http://elixirs.com/remedy.htm
for help with homeopathic remedies for acute illness.

CHRONIC Diseases are those health problems that 
linger and deepen as we age. 
Further illnesses and stress add layer upon layer.

Homeopathic remedies seek to stimulate the body's
immune system and strengthen our ability to balance.
With Homeopathic treatment of Chronic Diseases-
one layer, then another, then another is removed.

Hering's Laws are used to explain how the healing
process moves in our bodies.
Hering's Laws state that as a person progresses 
towards health:
1) symptoms move from upper parts to lower parts of
the body (i.e. brain symptoms are deeper in the
system than a foot problem);
2) symptoms move from the inside to the outside
i.e. a liver problem is deeper in the system than
a foot problem)
3) symptoms move from more vital organs to less vital
4) symptoms will disappear in reverse order of their

In our efforts to rid our bodies of sometimes natural
immune responses, we suppress or cause a deepening
of dis-ease. Then during Homeopathic treatment, we
will find a return of old symptoms as they are worked
out of our system.

An example is suppression of eczema with cortisone.
Later, the child develops asthma. Suppression of the
asthma with drugs comes next. Later, as an adult, the
person has hormonal imbalances. 
With Homeopathic treatment, and according to Hering,
healing would first remove the hormonal problem, 
next the asthma, and finally the eczema.

Working from last problem to first; from most vital
to least vital; from inside the body to the outside.

More on Chronic Disease, Homeopathic aggravation in
this series.
As a further side note on our above example-
According to experts such as Rudolf Verspoor,
60% of children who suffer from eczema and 
suppress the eczema from allopathic treatment later
develop asthma or lung problems. 
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Homeopathic Constitutions
Many of you attend Family Reunions in the Summer.
My family just caravaned through 4 states to a reunion bringing together 5 generations.
We long at times to reconnect with our heritage.Reunions bring together memories, relatives,
stories, history, emotions, etc. that make up Who We Are.
Homeopathy can address this core level of our
physical appearance
emotional make-up
characteristic ways of responding to physicaland mental stress

This direction of treating the person with a remedy that resonates best with Who We Are is called
Constitutional Homeopathy enables us to get through the myriad of health complaints,
symptoms and repertorizing to find the remedy that best resonates with Who We Are.
The Father of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, noticed this phenomenon when
he mentioned that "Nux Vomica seemed particulary well suited to fiery,
violent, and malicious people, whilst
Pulsatilla was well suited to timid, anxious, tearful
people of a gentle and mild disposition."

Constitutional remedies do not change Who We Are,
anymore than moving away from our family changes our heritage.
Constitutional remedies can though help strengthen our weak areas and
act deeper in our system to help us stay balanced in life.

An excellent book that condenses a lot of material,
is the book
The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines
Author Dr. Grandgeorge tells us, "...exploring the 'spirit of homeopathic medicines',
or the underlying psychological issues encountered in each remedy...,
allows us to explain in just a few words all symptoms brought about by that remedy."
The book seeks to extract the profound essence of 300 remedies.

Constitutional remedies are found after the study of many characteristics
and then finding a distinguishing characteristic that defines the person.

If you would like to have fun exploring constitutional aspects purchase the book,
The Complete Guide to Homeopathy by Andrew Lockie, M.D. and Nicola Geddes, M.D.
This book has color illustrations throughout, including actual pictures of people
that appear to match common constitutional types.
The book includes a thorough test you can take that helps you to understand
common and particular symptoms, modalities and aspects of constitutions.
Studying homeopathy is enjoyable and fruitful.
Best Wishes,
Kathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor
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Remedies for Sinus, Colds, Coughs
We have all experienced the physical discomfort as the body adjusts during different
environmental demands. Such as with changing to swing shift, and jet lag.
Adjusting to the change of the seasons is another demand placed on our bodies.
Often with the change of seasons, we are more susceptible to sinus problems, colds, and coughs.
With the recent change to Fall temperatures, I am getting calls about excess mucous, scratchy throats, flu, etc.

In less stressful times, our bodies would naturally adjust.
Often in our hectic lifestyles we feel we need help to balance our body's systems.
Over the counter medications often are ineffective and only work by suppressing
our body's various systems and symptoms.
Homeopathy offers freedom from side effects while working with the body towards balance.
Short-term illness with temporary symptoms are termed ACUTE in Homeopathy.
ACUTE illnesses and First Aid situations respond very well to Homeopathic treatment.

With ACUTE illness we use low potencies that can be repeated safely.
We also want a product we can grab at a moment's notice without taking time to research pinpoint accuracy.
Pinpoint accuacy in mostly needed with chronic and constitutional treatment.
Combination Formulas provide us convenience, when time is of the essence.

SINUS Complaints:
PULSATILLA for thick mucous-runny in a.m., stopped up at night, ears feel plugged,
dry cough worse at night, dry cracked lips.
EUPHORBIUM OFF for sinus pressure, dry and inflammed nasal membranes.
Euphorbium Off as a convenient nasal spray, restores free breathing, eliminates congestion.
BHI SINUS includes
HYDRATIS for mucous membranes, thick secretions from the throat, post nasal drip.
KALI Bichromicum for continuous hacking cough, yellow expectoration.
MERCURIUS Sulphuatus Ruber for pressure in the nose.

BRONCHITIS Complaints:
LOBELIA for difficulty breathing
HYOSCYAMUS for dry, spasmodic coughs worse at night & lying down. Excess mucous.
STICTA Pul for severe racking cough, dry mucous membranes
ANTIMONIUM Tart is well indicated for dry rattling coughs with little expectoration. Worse in the evening, worse lying down.
KREOSOTUM is indicated for burning choking sensation in the throat.
Excess expectorant with bad odor. Smoker's hacking cough.
PERTUSSINUM for spasmodic coughs.
We pride ourselves in giving Personal Service. Questions on finding something on our site,
or your health questions are welcome. I personally answer your emails.
I appreciate your comments. Derrick, a internet customer from Mississippi, wrote,
"..thank you for your time and entertaining your customers questions and concerns.
Truly, you do go the extra mile for your customers and clients.
Such quality stands out in a day and age where good service--and good people--sometimes are hard to find."
Best regards,
Kathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor
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Homeopathic Benefits Over Allopathic
Questions are asked to compare homeopathy versus conventional medicine (allopathic).
People want to know on how effective each form of medicine will be in a particular illness.
Homeopathy offers 7 basic benefits over allopathic medications for illnesses and disease.
    1. The remedy given is tailored to the individual.
      In conventional medicine it is often "one medicine fits all", or give what drug is the newest on the market.
      Homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing our body and mind.
      Medica Medicas are used to determine which remedy fits a person's symptoms.
    2. Homeopathy is proven and scientific.
      Materia Medicas fully document the action of each remedy based on testing (provings) done on humans (not animals testing or laboratory test tube studies. Many drugs available over the counter and by prescriptions are not proven actually effective. One government report stated ,"It has been estimated that only 10-20% of all procedures currently used in medical procedures have been shown to be efficacious by controlled studies." (Quoted from Third Opinion by John Fink) Allopathic medicines are often tested only on animals and actually have not been shown to be effective (or safe) for people. We also see drugs taken off the market when, as they are released and actually used by people, they are found to be dangerous. We've seen this lately with the heart damage done to Phen-Fen patients. By contrast, each Homeopathic remedy has had documented Provings done on humans. Healthy humans agree to take a substance and have their symptoms recorded. Interested in more history on the effectiveness of homeopathy? History Have more questions? See our FAQ page
    3. Another plus is homeopathic remedies can be used safely with = conventional medicines. If you are currently on prescription drugs, you can use homeopathic remedies. When taking a drug that has unwanted side effects, homeopathic remedies can be chosen to help with those problems. Homeopathy can also be taken along with alternative healing treatments without interactions. Those who use vitamins and herbs can use Homeopathics safely and effectively.
    4. Homeopathy is working with your body to produce long term stronger health. Homeopaths believe that homeopathy provides a way for your body to heal itself. Many health professionals feel that allopathic medicines are suppressive and push illnesses further into the body where later they emerge in worse health problems. Homeopathy is not about suppressing a symptom, but stimulating the body's natural curative powers. Taking homeopathics never cause a person to build up a tolerance. On the contrary, Homeopathy can enable the body to have greater immunity, less allergies, and quicker recovery from illnesses. Homeopaths care as much with your health 2 years down the road as providing immediate well-being.
    5. Homeopathy is natural. A new appreciation is being seen in providing natural health care for our families. Homeopathy is now receiving new acceptance in the U.S. Limitations and problems are being experienced with the overuse of "miracle drugs". Many drugs can cause imbalances and the break down of organs that were not present prior to taking the drugs. Many health professionals feel that it is not natural to ignore symptoms in the body. Too often we ignore our body's signals until our illnesses develop into deeper health problems and then we hurry to medicate our problems and further suppress our awareness. Homeopathy is well known for working with the body's natural curative powers without suppression or harm. Homeopathics contain no chemicals. Animals are not harmed or tested on = the products.
    6. Homeopathic remedies are safe. One of the best known facts about Homeopathy is that remedies are without toxic side effects and completely safe for all ages. From infants to the elderly, homeopathic remedies can be given confidently. Think of all the hazardous items in your home that can be poisoning dangers. We all are aware of the side effects with allopathic medications. A = person may say, "My sinuses are better, but I have this terrible dryness, etc." Boyd's column just reported, "Pharmaceutical experts say there's no drug that doesn't have a side effect. None" Many drugs can cause imbalances and the break down of organs that were not present prior to taking the drugs A June19, 1998 press release warned patients who have had their prescriptions changed from the blood pressure medication, Posicor, to similar drugs, of possible complications including a confirmed death. Compare this to the safety of Homeopathics. Even if your child accidentally downs an entire bottle of a Homeopathic remedy, you don't call the 800 poison hotline. Even test subjects doing homeopathic provings suffer no long term ill effects. Homeopathy is an accepted safe form of medicine in many countries. In the U.S., the FDA, has regulated the listing and manufacture of homopathics since 1938. Homeopathic single remedies and combination remedies can be sold over the counter Our over-the-internet-counter Unlike alternative healing modalities, legally we can tell you benefits of a homeopathic substance. Want to read about homeopathy? See our booklist
    7. Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive. Homeopathy is inexpensive in the initial low cost of remedies, products, kits; and in preventing small problems from lingering and needing more expensive health care. You'll no longer wait until an illness has progressed 2 or 3 weeks to seek medical help with homeopathic remedies available. Considering that American spend $10,958,904 per day on over-the-counter pain relievers alone, homeopathy offers low cost answers .(Statistic = from "On An Average Day" Tom Heyman).
    8. Best Wishes,
      Kathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor
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      Children's Remedies
    9. Kids Kit
    10. Book - Homeopathy for Children and Infants
    11. Bed-wetting Remedies
    12. Kids Kit
      Kids Kit contains 7 of the most used remedies by families of young children.
      The KID'S KIT is manufactured by Hylands, our top company for infant and children's remedies.

      6 generous 250 tablet bottles in 30X potency, and 1 oz bottle of Calendula liquid.
      Sturdy plastic case and excellent booklet. The booklet lists keynote symptoms and illnesses for each remedy.

      Remedies include:
      ACONITE- for sudden onset of illness, sudden fright or shock, first signs of illness-the early stages.
      Indicated in fevers, cough, croup, hoarseness, colic, childhood trauma, anxiety.

      ARNICA- first aid in a bottle!
      Use immediately following injuries, scraps, blows, shock.
      Always use after that get better kiss.
      Helpful also in black eyes, sore muscles, bruises.
      This remedy travels with us in the car, to camps, and on vacations.

      BELLADONNA- fevers, redness and fever from headache, earache, sunstroke.
      Belladonna should be in every home for childhood fevers.

      CALENDULA- non alcoholic topical dressing- antisceptic for scraps, abrasions, sunburns, etc.
      Calendula does not cause burning. Use Calendula to prevent inflammation and scarring. Speed healing.

      CHAMOMILLA- #1 remedy for the peevish, irritable baby or child.
      Teething, earaches, irritability. For colic, baby screams with pain and pulls up legs.
      This child is very vocal with his complaining. Low pain threshold.
      Baby who cries no matter what you do to entertain them.

      FERRUM PHOS- #1 remedy for inflammations. Homeopathic iron, so is helpful for fatigue, weakness.
      Illness has drained color out of the child's face.
      Main remedy along with Belladonna for fevers.
      Keynote is gradual onset on illness. This is the opposite of Aconite.
      In homeopathic form, this mineral goes right into the cells to help with oxygenation.
      Ferrum Phos is considered by many an appropriate addition to any homeopathic treatment
      Ferrum Phos is helpful for infections, inflammations, fatigue, lack of stamina, chronic conditions.
      For more information, see our Cell Salt Category

      HEPAR SULPHUR- sore throats, hoarseness, croupy coughs, colds, abscesses, acne.
      This remedy helps with skin eruptions, noted for its benefits with teenage acne.
      Hepar Sulphur is known for its ability to encourage suppuration of boils, skin eruptions, abscesses, etc.
      Hepar Sulphur also acts upon the respiratory mucous membrane.
      Indicated in constant coughing where you fear the child is choking.
      Sensation of a ball of mucous or swelling, worse when swallowing.
      The sensation of something caught in the throat, with the feeling of a splinter in the throat.
      Person also becomes more sensitive and irritated by touch, etc.

      The Kid's Kit is a great gift.
      Stock your Summer First Aid Kit.
      Refills are listed online and can be purchased separately also.

      Purchase the Kids Kit

      More Children's Remedies in our CHILDREN'S CATEGORY
      More Homeopathic Kits in our FAMILY KITS CATEGORY

      Book on Homeopathy for Children and Infants

      Easy to use book for parents. Great companion book to use with the Kids Kit.
      Basic help for 1st aid, seasonal illness, and common childhood diseases.
      Covers a wide range of topics, such as:
      Canker Sores
      Food Poisoning
      In this comprehensive book, written by popular homeopathic educator Dana Ullman,
      parents will find invaluable information on treating their children's ailments.
      Included is a complete guide for the treatment of more than 75 physical, emotional, and behavioral problems

      Summaries of over 35 essential homeopathic remedies.
      250 pgs, paperback.

      Purchase Homeopathic Medicine for Children & Infants

      Bedwetting Remedies

      Bedwetting is found in children from all countries and races.
      Boys are more likely to suffer from bedwetting.
      The term Enuresis is used in homeopathic books for both bedwetting and adult incontinence.
      For adult incontinence, see our
      Uri-Control tablets

      Don't overlook the possible cause of bedwetting being due to food sensitivities and food allergies.
      Food sensitivities and food allergies can contribute to irritation, and relaxation of the bladder neck muscles,
      which allows the urine to leak during the night.
      Urination may come during the very deep sleep stage.
      The foods most likely to offend are milk, orange juice, peanuts and sugar.

      The homeopathic remedies for bedwetting include:

      Arsenicum album is suitable for children who wet the bed after a traumatic day.
      They feel insecure, lonely, nervous, and fearful. They sleep restlessly and toss and turn.
      Online information and secure ordering Arsenicum album 30X

      Belladonna Bed-wetting after midnight and before getting up in the morning. Bed-wetting during nap time.
      Child sleeps restlessly, dreams about going to the bathroom, may talk in their sleep.
      Strong-smelling urine, the urine causes stains in the sheets.
      Belladonna 30X
      Bedwetting TabletsHyland's brand of Bedwetting Tablets contains Equistum 3X; Rhus arom 3X; Belladonna 3X.

      Causticum is for children who wet immediately on going to bed. Worse in winter.
      Online information and secure ordering Causticum 30X

      Cina is used in cases of urethral or bladder irritation.
      The irritation may be from the colon and due to worms.
      Child may sleep on his stomach, and grind his teeth during the night.

      Cina 30C

      Equisetum is a main remedy for enuresis during the day as well as the night.
      For weak bladder control with no known cause.
      Equisetum in our Uri-Control Product
      Equisetum in our Bedwetting Tablets

      Lycopodium is for children who wet the bed and may also dribble all day.
      Suitable for children who are fearful, afraid of their dark bedroom. Children hardly use the bathroom during the day,
      but at night they relax physically and emotionally as they go to sleep and then wet the bed.
      Online information and secure ordering Lycopodium 30X

      Natrum mur is for children who try to hide their bedwetting.
      They feel they are not getting enough love and affection.
      Children who don't won't use the bathroom when away from home.
      Online information and secure ordering Natrum Mur 30C

      Pulsatilla is for bladder weakness and dribbling. Helps to relieve irritation of the lining of the urinary tract system.
      Emotionally suited to children or adults who are sensitive, emotional, better with fresh air.
      Pulsatilla 30X

      Sepia is for bedwetting in the first hour, as soon as the body is relaxed.
      Helpful with incontinence where there is weakness of the bladder, a cough or sneeze will cause dribbling.
      Sepia 30C

      Thuja is for repeated wetting the bed throughout the night.
      The child may even wake up with the urge, but doesn't have enough time to make it to the bathroom.
      Thuja 30X

      To your good health,
      Kathryn Jones Homeopathic Specialist
      Newsletter copyright by Kathryn Jones 2000
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