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CELEBRATING 33 YEARS IN BUSINESS with 24 years online promoting homeopathy worldwide!
Our specialty is offering service and education. Enabling people to make their own health decisions.
Homeopathy serves as a safe and complementary therapy. Homeopathy is a FDA regulated alternative medicine.
Conventional medicine and nursing are letting practitioners know that people today are more and more
interested in Complementary Alternative Medicine, the acronym is CAM.
Homeopathy works with the body naturally and gently with no harsh results.
Homeopathy is safe and does not overwhelm the body with chemicals. Homeopathy
doesn't cover up symptoms. Homeopathy works to bring balance and health.
Homeopathy can be used as a stand alone therapy and also can be used in conjunction with allopathic/conventional medicine.
Homeopathy is often used along with conventional medicine to offset side effects of regular medicine.
In spite of the rising health care costs that provide the illusion of improving health care,
the American public is not enjoying better health. The U.S. ranks 12th among 13 comparable countries
in life expectancy, low-birth-weight averages and infant mortality. The World Health Organization that uses
another set of health indicators, ranks the U.S. 15 among 25 industrialized nations.
Homeopathy is without side effects. Homeopathy offers an alternative or adjunct medicine that has been used safely for over 177 years in the U.S.

Thank you for your interest in better health through homeopathy.
ELIXIRS.COM is our internet division. Homeopathy for Health is a family operated business.
We hope you enjoy the vast amount of educational homeopathic information online.
We offer a full line of Kathryn Jones Specialty Combination products for chronic symptoms. Years of experience and research go into Kathryn Jones formulating combinations that work!
We also carry Single Remedies and additional Combination Products.
We are continually adding information and remedies. Let us know what you would like to see.
Personal care and service of a small business with the online convenience and reliability you need!

Kathryn Jones, Homeopathic Health Counselor, brings to the internet her expertise in the field of homeopathy. Kathryn's credentials include years of
clinical experience in the health field including homeopathy, herbs, supplements, nutrition and natural health care.
Kathryn Jones has been a member of National Association of Professional Women.
Kathryn is inducted in Presidential Who's Who, among business and professional achievers.
Kathryn is a Masters of Education graduate, with an intensive 2 year degree in counseling from accredited Heritage University in WA State.
Bachelor of Education degree from Eastern Washington University in WA State, with an emphasis in health education.
Diploma of Homeopathy, an advanced 2 year program from The British Institute of Homeopathy.
44 years of continuing education courses in the fields of health and homeopathy.
Kathryn now specializes in homeopathic education. Kathryn's work on ELIXIRS.COM is in health education and writing in layman's terms.
Enabling the layman to be able to make responsible health decisions. Kathryn advocates health rights for the individual and family health rights.
Kathryn's passion include health education and developing a line of homeopathic speciality combinations.

A polycrest remedy is a basic homeopathic remedy that works on several areas of the body.
Our Health Counselor, Kathryn Jones, blends research with her own clinical experience to offer you combinations formulas for chronic health symptoms.
You can speak with Kathryn direct to get answers to your homeopathic questions.
Online information includes does and don't of using homeopathy; assessment of your progress on homeopathy.
ELIXIRS.COM can help you find answers with FAQ's on questions such as the difference between X potency, C potency, M potency and LM potency.
Find how to choose the potency best suited for you and for your health concern.
Find information on assessment of a remedy action and dosing intervals.

Kathryn Jones, M.Ed., DiHom.
DiHom Diploma in Homeopathy with the British Institute of Homeopathy, equivalent of 4 years of study.
2 year M.Ed. Masters Degree in Counseling accredited Heritage University HU.
4 year BA Bachelors Degree in Nutrition, Education, from Eastern Washington University EWU.
Continuing education in homeopathic studies, health counseling, alternative medicine.

Homeopathic medicines have been proved for 200 years to be safe and effective in treating ailments
serious and minor, acute and chronic, physical and emotional. Homeopathy can play an important part in
preventing disease. Homeopathic remedies are prepared with high standards of safety; FDA regulated; and recognized as
complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Homeopathic drugs have no side effect when used
as directed and many are used for babies, children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Here are more pages of information written by Kathryn Jones on homeopathy:
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Health information by health topic. on many health topics
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As you study homeopathy, you gain experience on using homeopathy and appreciating how homeopathy works with the body.
You also realize the value of the safety of using homeopathy for all ages.

ELIXIRS.COM includes its own online repertory and materia medica.
Materia Medica with Repertory by William Boericke is an example of a repertory and materia medica.
Remedy index includes both Latin and common names for homeopathic remedies. This is handy when you know a common herbal name
and want the homeopathic counterpart.
Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica with rubrics ( symptoms) for the mind and various organs and body systems
by James Kent has information on relationships of remedies, such as which remedies go together, remedies that can follow another
remedy in a treatment, which remedies do not go together and can antidote the other remedy.
Kathryn Jones shares her many years of experience in using homeopathy for herself, her family and satisfied customers.
Columbia Visionaries is the licensed name for Homeopathy for Health and ELIXIRS.COM, our online site.
Our business is located in the center of Washington State in the beautiful desert oasis of the Columbia Basin.
This provided Kathryn the inspiration for the business name - Columbia Visionaries.
Columbia Visionaries has been in the homeopathic retail business since 1989 and stocks an extensive homeopathic inventory.
ELIXIRS.COM has been online for 23 years.
Kathryn Jones Health Counselor and Family

Kathryn Jones Health Counselor
and a Healthy Homeopathic Family

Tom and Kathryn Jones have been married 45 years. They have 4 children, 4 grandsons and 7 granddaughters.
Tom and Kathryn are avid health readers and use homeopathy in their own health choices and in the raising of their children.

1-800-390-9970 TOLL FREE 10 am - 5 pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday or leave a message!
kathrynjones188@gmail.com email ELIXIRS to receive links to remedies.