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Listing includes combinations where the specified single remedy is an ingredient.
Mother Tinctures, Low, Medium, High, LM Potencies available in most remedies.

  Aconitum Napellus;  Aconite

  Allium Cepa

  Antimonium Tart

  Apis Mell

  Arnica Montana;  Arnica

  Arsenicum Album
  Bryonia Alba;  Bryonia
  Calcarea Phosphoricum
  Calcium Phos

  Carbo Veg


  Ferrum Phos


 Hepar Sulphur





  Magnesium Phos,
  Magnesia Phosphorica

 Mercurius Vivus

 Nux Vomica



  Rhus Tox

  Ruta Grav

  Spongia Tosta


  Veratrum Album

  Household Kit includes all of the above 29 remedies in 30X potency.
All in full size 250 tablet bottles with case and descriptive booklet. $250 VALUE! $105.99.
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