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Immune Support / Flu Products

Our Homeopathic INFLUENZINUM products are a safe and effective way to prepare for seasonal or unseasonal virus or flu.
The immune system protects the body from foreign substances, cells, and tissues by producing an immune response with the thymus, lymph nodes, lymphatic system, etc.
BIOPLASMA enhances absorption of nutrients for cellular activity. The results are you will feel energized, have better digestion, and handle stress better.
Bioplasma can be added to 2019-2020 Influenzinum products to maintain optimal health.
THYMULINE is another favorite immune support product to avoid illness. Thymuline supports the thymus gland and immunity. Thymuline is often used together with one of our flu products to boost effectiveness.
LYMPHATIC COMBO supports the lymphatic system and immunity. Continually cleans the body of toxicity.

Economy size Seasonal Influenzinum / La Grippe updated each year.
Why is Influenzinum THE product for the flu season? Because -
1. Influenzinum is updated with flu strains, as determined by World Health Organization.
2. Influenzinum is a safe to use prior or after vaccination. Is an alternative for people unable to obtain a flu shot.
3. Influenzinum stimulates the body's own defense system.
4. User-friendly directions, by Kathryn Jones Health Counselor, are included with your order.

Most of our customers are repeat customers who use homeopathy year after year. They report not getting the flu, although those around them that did not use homeopathy were ill.

Flu Health Kit with 3 products to address current flu issues: immune support, respiratory protection, and flu symptoms.
Flu Health Kit includes generous bottles of 1) Upper Respiratory Balance, 2) Thymuline, and 3) Winter Tonic/Influenzinum blend. Available in 2 sizes.
Flu Health Kit for 1 to 4 people 3 products 1/2 oz each
Flu Health Kit for 5 to 8 people 3 products 1 oz each
Kits includes:
1) Upper Respiratory Balance is used for respiratory symptoms. Upper Respiratory Balance contains remedies for the throat and remedies that support lung function.
Upper Respiratory Balance helps with respiratory symptoms due to pneumonia, flu, chest cold, summer colds, coughs, asthma, allergies,
chest and lung symptoms, walking pneumonia, flu, etc. Upper Respiratory Balance is a great product for emergency preparedness when in
large groups, on planes, etc. Use whenever exposed to flu, colds, and viruses that affect the respiratory system.
Upper respiratory is a blend that include pertussis, lung, large intestine, and 3 pneumonia remedies to strengthen the
respiratory system and avoid secondary flu complications.
2) Thymuline supports the thymus gland and the immune system. Thymuline is suggested by health professionals as
beneficial for the flu and cold season. We have found that Thymuline boosts the effectiveness of other homeopathic flu products.
If you are more at risk for flu complications or work where you are exposed to illness, I highly recommend Thymuline be taken with
your Influenzinum product such as Winter Tonic. Safe for all ages. Clinical studies show reduction of mucous and bronchial problems.
3) Winter Tonic is updated each year for winter infections, seasonal malaise, flu, colds.
When you purchase the kit, I include my user-friendly guide for immune support, exposure, or symptom relief. A single dose, taken at one time is 3 pellets, slowly chew the no-taste pellets.
You can use all 3 products together.

Immune support dose:
2 doses daily if people are ill in your area. If no illness in your area, take 1 dose weekly.
Exposure to illness dose:
Start the immune support dose listed above, as soon as possible, after exposure to someone ill.
Symptom relief dose:
3 doses daily. Use until symptoms have been gone for 2 weeks.

Glandular support is important when ill and during the flu season.
Lymphatic Support is essential in removing toxins from the body and to eliminate
foreign bacteria and viruses.
The lymphatic system is the body's 24/7 natural defense against infection. A healthy immune system is dependent on a healthy lymphatic system. The lymph system includes the thymus, spleen, tonsils and adenoids. General health, vitality, the ability to fight infections and rebound from stress are all reliant on our lymphatic system. Lymph fluid and lymph glands trap and prevent germs and toxins from harming the body. The body couldn't live 24 hours without a functioning lymphatic system!
Lymphatic Combo is a synergistic blend of homeopathic remedies. The product can be used even in weakened states when ill to turn around glandular swelling and infection.

Multiple Glandular Support offers a safe gentle boost for the glandular system, while safely keeping the glandular function in balance. Customer testimonial on Multiple Glandular Support, "I was addressing all the glandulars individually. It was time consuming and I was frustrated. Kathryn suggested that I use the Multiple Glandular Support. It has been a miracle,
I no longer use any of the other numerous glandulars. I have more energy and sleep better than I have in years."

Bioplasma to strengthen the immune system.
Sulphur Combo for viral infections.
Suffering from a sluggish system? Excess mucous? Infection? Sulphur Combo offers a combination of remedies.
Anxiety and Stress Relief Combo for winter blues.
Anxiety and Stress Relief Combo for holiday stress. Can be safely used for all ages.