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Cantharis products and potencies.

Cantharis, from Spanish Fly, is a top remedy for bladder infections.

Keynote Summary
Hot, burning pain
Unquenchable thirst with aversion to all fluids
Cutting pain

Better from: Gentle massage

Worse from: Touch, Urinating
Drinking coffee. Drinking cold water

Useful for: Key Symptoms:
BEHAVIOR Restlessness, noise making, constant motion, irritability that may be associated with ADD.
Also see Potassium Phosphate- Kali Ph).
BURNS Rawness & smarting
Relieved by cold applications
STINGS Swollen, inflamed
Burning, biting pains
INFLAMMATION Burning pains
Chill during fever, as if dowsed with water
HEMORRHAGES From any orifice
BLADDER Frequent scalding, painful urination Bladder infections with knifelike pain during urination, blood in urine.
BLADDER INFECTIONS Top remedy for bladder infections.
Cystitis, bladder infection, blood in urine. Frequent urge to urinate with difficult urination. Thirst and fever. Increased irritability. Keynote of hot burning pain. Cutting pain. Constant urge to urinate, with only a few drops at a time Urine sometimes marked by blood
DIGESTIVE Burning sensation in esophagus and stomach

Cantharis in a 30X Kit Cantharis  in a 30X Kit
Cantharis products and potencies.
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