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Bryonia Alba, Bryonia
Bryonia products and potencies.

Bryonia is from White Bryonia. Tincture of the root.

A polycrest remedy for aches and pains. Pains associated with colds, flus, coughs. Illness with chills alternating with fever. Person is quieter than normal when ill, or may be more irritable. They often want to be left alone. The person is very thirsy for cold drinks and then can't hold the water making frequent trips to the bathroom. Sore throat with dry hard spasmodic coughs. After eating feels nauseous and weak. Stomach tender to the touch and feels heavy.

Abdonimal pain
Acute back spasms
Fevers with Chills
Gas, heartburn, indigestion
Flu with aches and pains
Sprains, pulled ligaments

Better from: Rest, Rubbing on painful areas.
Fresh air. Lying on painful side.
Being left alone in dark quiet room.

Worse from: any movement or exertion
light touch, sympathy.
warm room, stuffy room, hot weather, sudden change of weather,
Morning, Sitting up, Eating, Noise, People visiting.

Useful for: Key Symptoms:
ARTHRITIS Aches in joints and muscles that feel worse with any kind of motion.
Swollen joints. Painful stiffness. Joints are hot and red.
Pains include sticking and stitching pains.
MOOD Wants to be left alone.
Feels better without moving, in quiet dark room. Is more irritable and less sociable than usual.
COLDS Watery nasal discharge with stuffy nose
Head colds travel down into chest
COUGHS Hard, dry, racking, painful cough Presses hand to chest
Makes stomach sore
FEMALE Menses are increased; bright red, early, heavy flow.
Backache, bearing down sensation.
Vagina is dry,hot.
FLU Stitching and sticking pains. Aching stiffness

Lightheaded and dizzy when standing up.
FEVER Alternating with chills.
Very thirsty for cold water or drinks
Great dryness of all mucus membranes.
HEADACHE Splitting, bursting pain
Pain on stooping, on coughing, on opening eyes in the morning
Pain gradually increasing toward evening
DIGESTION Stomach extremely sensitive to touch
Feels heavy like a brick in stomach right after eating.
Vomits bile or food
Unnatural appetite or total lack appetite
CONSTIPATION Stools large, dry, hard. Constipation without any urge.
DIARRHEA During hot weather; From cold drinks when overheated
SORE THROAT Painful when swallowing with periodic coughing

Bryonia products and potencies.
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