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Homeopathic Remedy Guide and Materia Medica  
Materia Medica: Remedy Information
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  Apis Mell

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  Arsenicum Album
  Bryonia Alba,

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  Spongia Tosta



Arnica Montana, Arnica
See in-stock various Arnica products and potencies.

Arnica is famous as the "overworked muscle" remedy whether from age, work, sports.

1 injury remedy! Relief from pain, shock, & trauma of injuries, scrapes, accidents.
This remedy is so useful that over 25 of our combination products online include Arnica.

Arnica is a must for first aid. All our Household and First Aid Kits include Arnica. Arnica is from the plant, Leopard's Bane.
This is the number one remedy for muscle and joint injury.
Helps the body to heal from injury and reduce swelling, bruising, pain.
Also use prior to dental work, surgeries, prolonged sports training.
For after effects of sprains, & pulled muscles. For pain relief while healing from injuries, fractures, muscular aches.

Sport injuries to muscles, joints, shin splints. Insomnia from over-exhaustion.

Keynote Summary:
Shock, injuries, bruising
Overexertion Fear of being touched or approached
Pain and ailments from overexertion

Better From: lying down, putting head down

Worse From: touch, heat
Useful for: Key Symptoms:
BRUISES Bruising injuries, soreness, bleeding into tissues, swelling
FALLS First aid in a bottle
BLOWS Shock, first aid treatment
EARS Tinnitus following an accident, rushing sounds in ears.
DENTAL WORK, SURGERY Prior to and after any dental work
to lessen pain and speed healing
SORE Overexertion
MUSCLES Aches and pains from overexertion;
old injuries
TENDON INJURY Pulled muscles, aches, swelling
SHIN SPLINTS Use prior to exercise to minimize chance of shin splints
Overexertion to minimize pain
SHOCK FROM TRAUMA First aid. Use immediately

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