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Homeopathy is a useful therapy in losing weight.
Homeopathy can help in different ways depending on the cause for the weight gain. Appetite Suppressant effectively curbs your appetite. Promotes the metabolism of fat while effectively curbing the appetite! Contains Fucus (Sea Kelp) and Thyroidinum to help with metabolism, safe and gentle thyroid support. Calcarea Carb to improve low energy, sluggish metabolism, excess hunger. Graphites for excess hunger at meals and in-between meals. Lycopodium Natrum Sulphur and Cheldonium for liver support, improved digestion and for increasing metabolism of fat. Safe for those with high blood pressure or use at night since is 100% homeopathic with no stimulants. 1 capsule before meals. Check for sale prices.

Body Pure for Weight Loss helps to detox your body to make losing weight easier! A toxic body can make weight loss impossible. Toxins contribute to excess weight, cellulite, and the inability to lose weight, even when on a diet program. Remedies to help eliminate metabolic byproducts. Environmental pollutants strain the liver and other elimination organs and can weight gain. Researched combination by BHI company, contains 5 remedies for elimination of pollutants and toxins and fatigue. Help for the body to metabolize fats and support for the digestive system with Cholesterinum, Nux vom, Avena, Alpha Lipoic acid, Juglans with supportive all homeopathic ingredients. Detox your body. Benefits can be weight loss, clearer skin, improved elimination. Body Pure, general dose 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day. 100 tablets $10.99 Purchase 2 $9.99 each.

Weight Control and Weight Loss Researched combination to help those who gain weight more easily includes Calcarea Carb, Graphites, Iodum, Nux Vomica. For Fatty Tissue see our Adipose Tissue. Water Retention see Kidney Bladder Support. All the products listed above in our Weight Category from ELIXIRS.COM
Weight gain is often from lack of good nutrient packed food. As we age we begin to lack enzymes needed to digest food properly.
If we are not getting our nutrients needed to maintain health, the brain will give out the message that more food is needed in an attempt to get the nutrients that are needed.

Constitutionally, there are remedies that help with basic constitutional types that often have a tendency to be overweight. Examples are:
Calcarea Carb --for the person with a sluggish metabolism, feels lazy, excess hunger, flabby muscles.
Graphites --for the big build person with a large appetite during meals and inbetween meals.
Nux Vomica --for the overindulger. Overeats and overdrinks. Loves rich fancy foods.
Natrum Sulpher --support for metabolizing fat.
Lycopodium -- for poor fat metabolism, liver support, sugar cravings.

Another aspect of diet is eating the correct foods for your particular system. Identifying allergies and treating them homeopathically can reverse weight gain from foods not suited to our bodies.
A wonderful book with specifics on foods that encourage weight loss is "Eat Right for Your Type" by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. Customers have found this book a great guideline to finding the best foods for better health.
The book includes foods from all food groups for maintaining a balanced diet. Backed by scientific studies that show how certain foods are toxic to our bodies. The foods that act as toxins to your system can cause weight gain, bloating, lack of steady energy, etc. Online information for Eat Right for Your Type

Homeopathic diet aids for weight loss have a safe and effective track record. Compare this with the FDA investigating 49 cases of people with heart valve damage linked to the drug combination of Fen-Phen over just a 12 month period in 1997. Doctors can prescribe medicines the way they wish, but the FDA has never approved taking these two allopathic diet drugs together. Every year, brand-new drug interaction books pour into the market. Why? Because all the prescription drug interactions and contradictions must be constantly updated. Compare this with using our trusted 1927 Boericke Homeopathic Materia Medica, for example. We know that homeopathics and their characteristics stay constant, safe for all ages, and without side effects. Homeopathic remedies are safe to take with other homeopathics, supplements, and prescription drugs.


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