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Product: Coral White Toothpaste economy 6 oz
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Coral White Toothpaste not only cleans teeth, but also helps in remineralizing enamel. This means Coral White is a must for anyone with sensitive teeth or weak enamel. Coral White Toothpaste provides needed minerals to maintain dental health.
Coral White Toothpaste addresses two of the biggest causes of poor dental health: Mineral deficiencies and acidity. Tooth decay increases in an acidic environment. As the body loses calcium salts, commonly found in the saliva, the pH of the mouth can shift to acid, thereby causing cavities. We know that adding calcium to toothpaste helps to return the oral environment to alkaline.
“The structure of the enamel is actually a fine matrix of tubules conveying nutrients from outside the tooth to inside the tooth,” reports coral calcium expert James Chappell, DC, N.D., Ph.D., M.H. “And the key to healthy teeth is to maintain proper oral alkalinity and aid in remineralization.” Studies confirm topically applied calcium aids such remineralization.
“Brushing your teeth with Coral White, which contains 86% organic coral calcium as well as all other minerals found in the human body, will help shift the pH to alkaline and neutralize erosive acids,” says Dr. Chappell. “It also aids in the remineralization process.” He adds, “I’d rather have people remineralizing with calcium instead of fluoride, which can be toxic.”
Coral Calcium minerals found in Coral White are recommended for eco-safe, above-sea coral minerals. Coral White is the first all-natural tooth nutrient paste made from above-sea fossilized stony coral minerals.
Coral is a sea animal that secretes a highly mineralized casing made from ocean minerals. Coral naturally contains every mineral the human body needs to function and in almost identical proportions found within the human body, says Dr. Chappell.
Coral White offers an way to enhance oral hygiene without harsh chemicals or artificial additives. Coral White is free of fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and all other potentially toxic preservatives, artificial flavors, colors and additives.

Americans brush their teeth an average of 900 times each year. What many Americans don’t know is that the type of toothpaste they use could be having negative effects on their teeth as well as their overall well-being. Many mainstream toothpastes use potentially harmful ingredients, such as harmful sources of fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other artificial additives, flavors, colors and preservatives. Fluoride used in toothpastes is not natural or homeopathic, but a poisonous industrial byproduct. Dr. Joseph Mercola tells us, “ There is enough fluoride in a typical tube of toothpaste to kill two small children if they consumed the entire tube at once.” For this reason, toothpastes containing fluoride are required to have warnings printed on the labels.

Minerals are the basic foundation for health. From our bones to the multitude of enzymatic activities within and outside our cells, minerals are the key that opens the door to optimum health. This is accomplished by supplying the body with missing minerals that have crucial roles to play and by bringing overall mineral levels up, thereby raising the pH of the body fluids and tissues back to their natural healthy levels. A high pH (alkaline) is important because most disease thrives in a low pH (acidic) environment.
Most people in our society are mineral deficient because the soils have become depleted through unsustainable farming practices. When the minerals are supplied in an organic assimilable form, health may improve. Coral contains every mineral needed by the body and is known for it’s synergistic relationship with the body.
In keeping with the company’s all-natural approach, Coral White combines hydrogen peroxide for its gentle whitening effect. Antiseptic, anti-microbial and antioxidant botanicals of echinacea, goldenseal, cinnamon, clove, ginseng, ginkgo, and tea tree. Spearmint and peppermint leaf oils for flavor. Hydrated silica, sodium cocoyl glutamate, sodium magnesium silicate, cellulose gum. Sweetened by the herb Stevia, sorbitol, and sugarfree Xylitol, known for its own dental benefits!
Try Coral White on your sensitive teeth and gums and you'll agree that Coral White is much more than a toothpaste, it is nutrition in a tube. Economy 6 oz tube.
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