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Product: Flossing Toothbrush with dual action bristles
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The Flossing Toothbrush brushes & flosses simultaneously for effective plaque removal. A professional and comfortable brush with dual action bristles. Uses soft bristles to protect your gums. Nice techno super grip handle.
Finally a toothbrush to help with gum disease. Double-tiered patented bristles brush & floss effectively, deep between teeth & gums. Created to provide the most effective and safest brushing and flossing experience possible.
The longer, thinner, softer(end-rounded and polished) bristles effectively remove invisible bacteria and plaque between teeth and floss below the gum line, not just along the gum line. You must get under the gum line to loosen the debris, plaque, and bacteria to ensure not only healthy gum and teeth but also fresh breath and overall oral hygiene. The shorter and thicker bristles perform regular brushing of the surface of your teeth.

The boys and men love the comfort, yet effectiveness of this toothbrush: "I like the toothbrush. It feels good. I like how they floss and brush at the same time," Danny.
The Flossing Brush is made of an exclusive material called "Poly Buthyl Teleputalate". This special micro-textured bristles were chosen because it is softer and more elastic and durable than our average nylon or plastic bristles. Prevents injury to the gums, gum line, and tooth enamel.
Slim, 30 degree flexible head: helps to absorb excessive brushing pressure and prevents gum and tooth damage while effectively cleaning teeth, gum line and removing plaque.
Testimonials “I just wanted to drop a note about how happy I am with the Flossing Brush toothbrush I have been using it for about 6 months now and cannot believe the difference. My gum line looks healthier. My teeth look cleaner and best of all because of the soft bristles my gums don’t bleed when I brush anymore. Since I am someone who has a hard time flossing regularly, the flossing bristles do a marvelous job picking up the slack, Thank you for offering such a wonderful product” K.J.,Vinita, Ok
“I am embarrassed to admit I never floss my teeth but after just one week of using the Flossing Brush toothbrush my teeth are cleaner and my gum line seems healthier. I also find the overall design of the Flossing Brush to be much better than others I have tried. Job well done” M.B., Woodland Hills, CA
Ergonomically designed rubber handle: fits comfortably in your hand. A truly innovative design that ensures superior performance.
Rubber Sure-Grip features front and back thumb stops for a secure, comfortable, firm grip and extra control.
Too many people floss simply to remove particles that cause discomfort not caring about the invisible film of bacteria on teeth. This is where the Flossing Brush plays a vital role in removing without too much effort the invisible film of oral bacteria while you brush your teeth regularly. Dental research indicates a 75% chance of suffering from Gum disease, a serious health risk which is primarily caused by plaque build up between teeth and gum line, leading to tartar and dental calculus, causing bad breath and colored teeth. Gum disease untreated leads to painful, bleeding gums, oral infections, and eventually tooth loss. Removing oral bacteria lowers level of toxins leading to serious gum disease. And after brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue morning and night and after meals, whenever possible, you’ll see your gums returning to a pinker, healthier state and experience the freshest breath that lasts.
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