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Product: Fragaria Vesca 30X economy 1 oz with 680 pellets
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Fragaria Vesca in 30X potency for use on animals. Fragaria Vesca has been found very useful for softening and removing tartar and dental plaque off teeth. Use daily in animal's food or water.
Fragaria Vesca prevents formation of calculi while softening and helping to remove tartar from teeth. Great for all breeds of cats and dogs.
Help for certain breeds of dogs that suffer more with tartar build up and ensuing dental cleanings. Fragaria Vesca may be useful in keeping your dog healthy with fewer expensive cleanings that and the dangers from anesthesia.
"Fragaria Vesca is a great product and I use the remedy on all of my 14 dogs. C. Eagleson". "I cannot believe my dog's teeth look so good now. S.T., KS."
Suggested dose for pets, including cats and dogs: 3 pellets daily (can add in water dish or in food). Dose for large animals: 10 pellets daily (can add in water dish or in food).
When more aggressive help is needed, brush Fragaria Vesca onto teeth by placing 3 pellets in 1/4 cup of water, let soak for 5 minutes, stir 3 times (don't worry if pellets do not completely dissolve), then brush liquid onto teeth. Do new batch for each animal and for each day. Brush on teeth after each meal for problem teeth and gums.
Fragaria Vesca in several animal circles is becoming famous for removing and preventing tartar formation on teeth. We have breeders, animal rescue, and pet owners who tell us how they use Fragaria Vesca regularly with great results. No reported problems for people or animals with using Fragaria Vesca regularly.
Safe and natural-Fragaria Vesca is a homeopathic remedy from woodland strawberry. Sucrose base, no alcohol. Economy 1 oz size, 680 pellets, with 225 doses. 9 times larger size than multidose tubes. 30X potency for when a stronger potency is needed.
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