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Product: Back and Neck Rescue Gel 3.5 oz
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Back and Neck Rescue Gel for fast pain relief. Back and Neck Gel is made from organic and wildcrafted herbs and formulated to relieve backaches, neck aches and muscle spasms.
Apply Back and Neck Rescue Gel directly on tight muscles to relax muscles, increase circulation to muscle tissue, and reduce inflammation.
Back and Neck Rescue breaks the cycle of muscle spasms that prevent healing. Relief of kinks and knots in muscles.
Health professionals that work with sport injuries have told us that Back and Neck Rescue blend of herbs is in a correct balance that lessens inflammation and promotes healing.
Back and Neck Rescue Gel contains analgesic herbs to reduce inflammation and pain. Back and Neck Rescue Gel is great to take when recuperating from injuries or surgery.
Back and Neck Rescue Gel contains a proprietary blend that includes:
St. John's Wort/Hypericum relieves nerve pain and relaxes muscle spasms;
Arnica Montana/Arnica speeds tissue repair;
Lavender has antispasmodic properties;
White Willow is an analgesic herb that relieves pain;
Yarrow has anti-inflammatory properties;
Comfrey is soothing to the skin, Comfrey protects the skin to speed healing.
Certified organic Aloe, Vitamins C and E.
Back and Neck Rescue Gel is non-greasy and an easy-to-absorb water base gel. Back and Neck Rescue Gel is free of petroleum products, paraben-free, menthol free. Manufactured by Peaceful Mountain.
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