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Product: Lavilin Deodorant
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Lavilin really works for people troubled with underarm odor. Lavilin works even on the strongest odor. Lavilin kills the bacteria that causes odor with a unique blend of herbals including natural antiseptic Calendula.
Lavilin is a long lasting deodorant to help throughout the work day. Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Hidrosis meaning sweating, so hyperhidrosis is too much sweating. Whether the extra heat comes from hardworking muscles in the gym, from over-stimulated nerves due to stress, or from high air temperatures and humidity, sweating is one way for the body to regulate its temperature. About 1 percent of the body's sweat is produced under the arms.
Sweat itself is odorless. Bacteria that lives on the skin and breaks down the sweat is the cause of unpleasant odor.
The crew at Elixirs uses Lavilin. We have found no other deodorant from natural ingredients as effective.

Lavilin provides an important natural alternative for people wanting to avoid antiperspirants. Nearly all antiperspirants contain aluminum salts. Aluminum is a nerve toxin. A case-control study looking at the association of Alzheimer's Disease and lifetime exposure to aluminum in antiperspirants and antacids found a direct correlation. That is, the more antiperspirant that was used, the more likely the person would develop Alzheimer's Disease.

Lavilin effectively stops odor causing bacteria. For most people this means Lavilin is all that is needed.

Lavilin avoids the dangers of over-the-counter antiperspirants that contain aluminum. A review of the common sources of aluminum for humans found that antiperspirant use can significantly increase the amount of aluminum absorbed by the body. According to the review, after a single underarm application of antiperspirant, about .012 percent of the aluminum may be absorbed. The aluminum that is absorbed by your body from a typical antiperspirant adds up over time, and that aluminum can and does go straight to your brain where it can play havoc, as aluminum has been widely associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
Lavilin contains Calendula, Arnica extract, Soybean Oil, Talc, Potato Starch, Vitamin E in a base of zinc oxide. Bring on the toughest cases and see for yourself that Lavilin works!

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