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Product: Kids Kit 7 remedies
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Kid's Kit is a must for young families, a perfect children's kit. Treat your children at first signs of illness to quickly turn around symptoms and avoid health problems. The Kit contains 7 of the most used remedies for families of infants, toddlers, and young children. A $75 value.
Excellent booklet is included to help you know when to use each remedy and how to choose one remedy over another. The Kids Kit is suitable for families new to homeopathy. Feel confident using homeopathy for your family with this useful kit and booklet.
Remedies include:
ACONITE- Helpful for sudden onset of illness, sudden fright or shock, first signs of illness-the early stages. Indicated in fevers, cough, croup, hoarseness, colic, childhood trauma, anxiety.
ARNICA- first aid in a bottle! Use immediately following injuries, scrapes, blows, shock. Helpful also for black eyes, sore muscles, bruises. This remedy travels with us in the car, to camps, on vacations.
BELLADONNA- Helpful for fevers, redness and fever from headache, earache, sunstroke. Belladonna should be in every home for childhood fevers.
BUMPS AND BRUISES OINTMENT in an easy to apply stick. Apply liberally and often to sore areas.
CHAMOMILLA- number 1 remedy for the peevish, irritable baby or child. Teething, earaches, irritability. Colic for the baby that pulls his legs up and screams. This child is very complaining and vocal. Keynote is the baby who cries no matter what you do to entertain them. Pain tolerance is low for this baby.
FERRUM PHOS- number 1 remedy for inflammations, paleness, and weakness. Fevers, gradual onset of illness (opposite of Aconite). Ferrum Phos is homeopathic iron. In homeopathic form, this mineral goes right into the cells to help with oxygenation. Therefore, this Cell Salt is considered an appropriate addition to any homeopathic treatment concerning infection, inflammation, fatigue, lack of stamina, chronic conditions.
HEPAR SULPHUR- Helpful for sore throats, hoarseness, croupy coughs, colds, abscesses, acne. This remedy helps with skin eruptions, such as teen acne. Hepar Sulphur is well known for its ability to encourage suppuration. Hepar Sulphur also acts upon the respiratory mucous membrane. Indicated in coughs that repeat until child is choking. Sensation of a clot of mucous or internal swelling when swallowing. The sensation of something caught in the throat, with the feeling of a splinter in the throat. Person also becomes more sensitive and irritated by touch, etc.
30X potency for safe and effective use, instant melting, pleasant tasting and generous 250 tablets per bottle.
An excellent booklet is included inside the Kids Kit container. The booklet lists keynote symptoms and illnesses for each remedy. Reading the book and becoming familiar with the remedies will help you become confident in using your kit to treat immediate problems.
The kit comes in a concise case that holds all the remedies and the booklet. A great buy for families and gifts for baby showers. Better than an apple to keep the doctor away.
  $30.00 Buy Kids Kit 7 remedies

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