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Product: Veratrum Album 30X 250 tablets
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Veratrum Album is first aid for intestinal problems. Veratrum Album is useful following minor surgery to help with constipation, dizziness, intestinal cramping. Veratrum Album is useful for symptoms of shock following injury, trauma, surgery, person feels faint with a cold sweat.
Veratrum Album is used for symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, or headache when accompanied with vertigo, dizziness and severe weakness.
Always think to use Veratrum Album when the person is ill with diarrhea and vomiting simultaneously.
Veratrum Album is helpful for severe nausea. Helpful for colic and constipation. 30X is a safe and useful potency for infants.
Use Veratrum Album for symptoms of painful intestinal cramping, gas and naseau. Veratrum maybe considered for Bulimia.
Veratrum Album maybe useful for inguinal hernia, incarcerated hernia, and protrusion of hernia when coughing.
Use Veratrum Album for 1st aid treatment during shock (with cold sweat and pale face); sunstroke (fainting from least exertion); heat exhaustion (may have cold sweaty fever); and sudden collapse (with icy coldness).
Veratrum Album's help with cramping pain includes menstrual cramps, constipation, early and profuse menstruation.
Veratrum Album's help with cramping pain includes painful leg cramps.
Veratrum Album's symptoms may seem better by warm drinks and gentle walking. Symptoms may seem worse from cold drinks and exertion.
Veratrum Album is often underestimated for its ability to help in emergency treatment. Here is a testimonial on Veratrum Album for migraine relief": "I would just like to thank Kathryn for helping me with my occular migraines. I had them before, but they took a leave of absence last June. All of a sudden they decided to come back last week and I have had them every two days since. I told Kathryn the symptoms and she suggested Veratrum Album. I went to a local event with my kids and in all the sun and loud music and noise I started seeing the flashing of the occular starting. I hated to ruin the kids fun but had to get them back to the van. I didn't want to take the migraine medicine the Dr. gave me, it made me feel very weird. So I grabbed the Veratrum and I was amazed, it was gone almost immediately!!! I was so happy, and no lingering painful headache afterward for the night and next day!!! Thank you so much Kathryn and Veratrum. It is going to be in my pocket from now on". Cindy P. Western NY.
Veratrum Album's Mini Materia Medica:
CONSTIPATION: Helpful for constipation from inactivity, with headache. Large stools with much straining. Stool followed by exhaustion & cold sweat.
COUGH: Useful for chronic bronchitis in the aged. Unable to cough up mucus from chest. Hoarse, weak voice. Rattling in chest. Loud, barking, deep cough, followed by belching. Cough follows drinking cold water. Cough on entering warm room from cold air
CRAMPS: Helpful for cramps in calves, cramps knotting abdomen and legs
DIARRHEA: Useful for copious, watery diarrhea. Forcibly evacuated. Painful cramping. Followed by great weakness and exhaustion
HEADACHE: Helpful for headache with nausea, vomiting & diarrhea. Neck feels too weak to hold the head up.
HEAT EXHAUSTION: Useful for heat exhaustion with pale skin, extreme weakness, nausea, and clammy sweat. Pulse feeble & rapid.
MENSTRUAL DISORDERS: Helpful for menses which comes too early. Profuse flow, exhausting. Faints from least exertion. Painful menses with coldness, cold sweats, & diarrhea. Better from: Walking, Warmth, Covering, Cold drinks. Worse from: Night, Wet, Cold weather, Fright. Lying down, Exertion, Hot Drinks. Drinking, During stool, Least motion
NAUSEA: Useful for nausea. Drinking fluids and moving makes the person nauseous. Person may crave fruit, ice, salt.
SUDDEN COLLAPSE: Helpful for extreme coldness, blueness & weakness. Cold sweat, especially on forehead
VOMITING: Useful for vomiting alternating with diarrhea. "Going both ways". Thirst for cold water, vomited as soon as swallowed. Profuse, violent retching and vomiting.
Veratrum Album is from the White Hellebore plant, a tincture of the root.
Dosage and potency guidelines.
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