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Product: Gastricumeel 100 tabs currently out-of-stock
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Gastricumeel by Heel/BHI for the relief of indigestion & heartburn, flatulence and adverse effects of excessive alcohol and nicotone consumption. Helpful when overeating or eating bad food combinations. Gastricumeel product contains homeopathic remedies that relieve symptoms:
Argentum Nitricum 6X to help calm burping, gas, reflux, gallbladder weakness, ulcers, painful swelling of stomach, much flatulent distention.
Arsenicum Album 6X relieves gastritis, diarrhea, burning sensation in stomach, cannot bear the sight or smell of food.
Pulsatilla 4X alleviates stomach upset when eating sugar or overeating, flatulence, heartburn, dyspepsia.
Nux Vomica 4X calms stomach distress from fatty foods, alcohol, nicotine. Helpful for bruised soreness of abdominal walls, weight & pain in stomach
Carbo Veg 6X helps absorb toxicity, for reflux symptoms, weakness after eating, gas, abdomen greatly distended, & flatulent colic.
Antimonium Crudum 6X helpful for those experiencing loss of appetite, constant belching, sensation of fullness in stomach.
Gastricumeel tablets are in a base of dextrose with a minute amount of magnesium stearate that is a standard in the industry to make combination tablets.
100 chewable no taste tablets. Buy any 2 of our Heel/BHI combination products for an additional $1.00 off each bottle.
  $26.49 Buy Gastricumeel 100 tabs currently out-of-stock

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