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Product: Acid Clenz Detox and pH Balance 2 fl oz
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Acid Clenz Detox restores your body's balance. Balancing pH and removing excess acid in the body is an important health measure for many conditions, such as gastric problems, constipation, overweight, arthritis, fatigue and headaches and dental problems.
Mouth acidity is the cause of all dental disease including cavities and gum disease. Spray Acid Clenz in mouth for mouth ulcers. Spray Acid Clenz on teeth and gums.
Spray Acid Clenz for repairing throat tissue from reflux damage.
Customers have seen good results for systemic candida.
Acid Clenz can be used as an external spray for vaginal candida.
Hyperacidic conditions in the body can worsen bloating, water retention, candida, allergies and food cravings.
Acid Clenz helps to balance the pH and eliminate acid accumulations. Most people's diet is overly acid, even when trying to eat healthy. Grains, bread, macaroni, fish, cheese, eggs, processed food and meat are all overly acid forming in the body.

Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment! An acid condition promotes illness, indicates poor absorption of minerals and contributes to joint stiffness, bone loss, weight gain and other chronic problems.
Your energy level will often increase as your body comes into the healthier alkaline range. Your body pH is something you must not ignore if you wish to maintain perfect health, regain lost immunity, or lose weight. The farther from perfect balance your pH travels, the more serious health problems may develop and the more difficult it may be to maintain proper weight. You should maintain a proper pH to get maximum energy out of the food you eat and maximum absorption of nutrients. Improved nutrient absorption helps with losing weight, maintaining blood sugar levels and emotional balance.
Acid Clenz offers healthy cleansing and detoxification for your weight loss plan.
When the body is too acidic as a result of stress, lack of exercise, acid forming foods, high fat and mucus forming foods, or toxic food residues disease and infections proliferate. This condition promotes arthritis and rheumatic situations.
Acid Clenz balances acidity in the mouth. Soda pop is acidic whether diet or not. Use Acid Clenz when taking medications that cause cotton mouth. Stomach acids from acid reflux or bulimia damage teeth. Certain mouth rinses (e.g. Listerine) are acidic. Use Acid Clenz to naturally encourage saliva to help bring calcium and minerals to teeth, dilute and remove damaging acids.

Acid Clenz is a convenient spray, economy 2 fluid ounces in a non alcohol pure water base. Liquid is useful for people who need to avoid lactose tablets or sucrose pellets, safe for those with diabetes, dairy allergy, Celiac disease and gluten intolerance.
King Bio has included triple potency for each remedy listed below for a faster deeper response. Remedies already in a potency blend of 10X, 30X and 1LM potencies:
Acid Clenz contains: Argentum Nitricum, Calcarea Carbonica, Calcarea Silicata, Calcarea Sulphurica, Carbo Vegetabilis, Natrum Carbonicum, Natrum Phosphoricum, Nux Vomica, Robinia Pseudoacacia, Sulphuricum Acidum.

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