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Product: Bug Away 2 oz spray
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Bug Away gives fast relief of itching, swelling, irritations, discomforts, redness, burning, pain due to insect bites or stings. Bug Away is a safe and natural bug repellant. Helping to discourage bugs from biting. Can be taken orally and topically to relieve welts and pain.
"Bug Away really does relieve the itching and burning pain of insect stings and it really does deter insects from biting! Taken after a wasp sting and 20 minutes later, my grandson couldn't tell he'd been stung. Peggy SC."
Bug Away contains Ledum-a natural deterrent to bugs. Ledum is a remedy for puncture wounds such as insect stings, tick bites, and wounds. Ledum is useful to prevent the reaction of swelling and itching from germs and poisons injected with insect saliva. Ledum helps with stings and puncture wounds that feel cold to the touch.
Also contains Urita Urens for skin rashes, eczema or hives.Urtica Urens helps with skin break outs from allergies, red blistered skin, rashes.
Bug Away offers a natural insect repellent alternative. Protect sensitive skin from dangerous chemical insect repellents that are absorbed into the skin.
The need for insect repellent is clear. Insects carry dangerous diseases. Mosquitoes carry many diseases such as West Nile Virus.
Bug Away's all homeopathic ingredients are in a potency blend of 10X, 30X and LM1. Apis Mellifica for itching and bites that feel warm to the touch; Cistus Canadensis; Citricum Acidum; Hypericum Perforatum; Kali Nitricum; Ledum Palustre; Lycopodium Clavatum; Mezereum; Pulex Irritans; Pulsatilla; Staphysagria; Sulphur; and Urtica Urens. 2 oz spray in a alcohol free, pure water base, can use orally and/or topically.
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