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Product: Appetite and Weight Control 2 oz spray 10% OFF SALE
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Appetite and Weight Control helps your body to reduce fat and increase lean body mass. Regularly $21, now $18.80 for 2 oz, not 1 oz spray. Appetite and Weight Control may be helpful to curb excess appetite and food cravings. Drop pounds without the yo yo effect of putting back on weight, because homeopathy works with the body rather than force a temporary effect.
Between 90% and 95% of the people who have been treated for being overweight have failed to keep it off. Until the underlying causes of appetite or overeating are corrected, overweight will be a never-ending cycle! Americans spent at least $467 million on prescription obesity drugs each year and another $32 million on over-the-counter diet aids. Most of these drugs affect the body’s nervous system. While they generally suppress appetite, some may also alter the way the body burns calories. Just as there are side effects of any medications, such as aspirin and penicillin, so are there side effects of taking appetite suppressants. Some common side effects are dryness of the mouth, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, difficulty sleeping, nervousness, increased blood pressure and headache. Homeopathy offers a safe, no side effect solution of working with the body to balance weight.
King Bio’s Appetite and Weight Control helps with excessive appetite and food cravings. Lessen that empty feeling in the stomach. Benefits include:
After dosing hunger lessens.
Balance out constitutional tendency to grow fat.
Help with weak digestion.
Relieves empty feeling in the stomach and for nervous stomachs which are relieved by food.
Great for people when eating temporarily relieves all discomforts.
Help with obesity.
Relieves craving for peculiar and acid things or the “empty all gone feeling” in the stomach.
Powerful constitutional remedy for melancholy and feelings that must exercise restraint.
Emotional balance.
Relieves tendency to eat far beyond capacity for digestion.
Relieves gnawing sensations in stomach.
Lessens excessive fatty deposit around abdomen.
Relieves intense craving for stimulants.
Relieves cutting pain in abdomen.
Relieves excessive hunger.
Helps with feeling hungry although has eaten.
Relieves great desire and craving for sweets.
Effective for out-of-control appetite.
Helps with fatigue.
Because overweight problems can be stubborn, King Bio has included triple potency for each remedy listed below for faster deeper response. Remedies already in a potency blend of 10X, 30X and 1LM potencies. Remedies in this Appetite and Weight Control complex are:
Anacardium Occ, Antimonium Crud, Calc Carb for obesity, Fucus Ves for thyroid support, Kali Bichromicum, Oleander, Sabadilla, Staphysagia to curb stress eating, Adrenalinum for glandular support, ACTH, Cortisone, Hypothalamus for appetite regulation, Pituitarum to help with HGH production, Thyroidinum for metabolic support, and HCG. Also includes the Flower Essences of Agrimony, Chestnut bud, Evening primrose, Golden rod, Mariposa lily, Pink Yarrow, and Tansy.
Convenient spray, economy 2 fluid ounces in a non alcohol pure water base. A non alcohol oral sprays that is safe and convenient for all ages. Product is safe for people who need to avoid lactose, sucrose, alcohol. Safe for people with diabetes, dairy allergies, Celiac disease and gluten intolerance.
General dose is 3 sprays under the tongue and repeated 2 times a day for a month's supply. Additional benefits with dosing 10 minutes before a meal to decrease the desire or habit of overeating. A dose can also be taken between meals to help with cravings.
  $18.80 Buy Appetite and Weight Control 2 oz spray 10% OFF SALE

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