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Product: Teeth and Gums 2 oz spray
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Teeth and Gums Formula provides important healing remedies to improve oral health. The spray is a wonderful aid to lessen pain and speed healing following dental procedures. Natural remedies to improve health of teeth and gums.
Use Teeth and Gums spray to lessen sensitive teeth. Spray directly onto teeth and gums for children with decay problems.
For adults, use Teeth and Gums spray for periodontal concerns. Teeth and Gums spray lessens oral pain that maybe associated with cavities, bleeding gums, loose teeth.
People with dental problems know that causes can be varied and complex including hereditary weaknesses. King Bio has included triple potency for each remedy for a faster and deeper response. Remedies already in a potency blend of 10X, 30X and 1LM potencies. Includes:
3 Calcium remedies help with strengthening bone, re-mineralizing enamel and lessen painful teeth: Calcium/Calcarea Carb, Calcium/Calcarea Fluorica and Calcium/Calcarea Phosphorica. Calcium remedies help with relieve irritability from teething and dental pain;
Teeth and Gums sprays includes Coccinella Septempunctata, Coffea Cruda for pain relief;
Hekla Lava is helpful for remineralization and for jaw and bone problems;
Chamomilla, Magnesia Phos and Hypericum Perf are included to calm and heal agitated nerves;
Kreosotum is an important remedy for decay or crumbling teeth;
Ledum is useful before dental procedures;
Includes a top dental remedy- Mercurius Vivus. Mercurius Vivus is considered a top remedy for infections, dental abscesses, gum problems with swelling, receding gums, metallic taste in mouth, sore throats, glandular swelling, and swelling of lymph nodes. Mercurius Vivus is also listed as useful for toothaches where the pain may be described as pulsating, tearing or shooting with pains going up into the face or ears.
2 fluid ounce in a convenient no alcohol spray, spray directly in mouth and on teeth. Liquid is useful for people who need to avoid lactose tablets or sucrose pellets, safe for those with diabetes, dairy allergy, Celiac disease and gluten intolerance.
Suggested dose is 3 sprays directly on teeth and gums 3 times daily. Pure water base so pleasant for all ages to use.
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